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A homely apartment in Kundanahalli

minimalist  by homify, Minimalist
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This is a budget  apartment built in Kundanahalli in East Bangalore by Innover interior designs. Made with light colored veneers and deco, this residence has a contemporary flair. This house is spacious and aesthetically very pleasing. Perfect for a small family, this place has a homely and warm feel to it.

Living room for every pocket

minimalist  by homify, Minimalist

family room , tv unit


The living area is the first area you encounter after entering the house. It is a subtle area with a light veneer running all through the room. A slender and compact TV unit holds the center space. This unit is strong and sturdy and has enough space to hold books, collectibles and other show pieces. The middle area is reserved for the TV and the music systems. This all-in-one storage space has a lot of drawers and shelves to make your living room brighter. The bottom part has closed drawers for easy storage of important items. Sofa set in a darker veneer shade is provided to complete the look of a cozy family room.

The simple kitchen

The kitchen is again in unison with the family room as it has soft veneer cabinets and drawers sprawled all over the area. The counter top is in black granite that holds everything together and provides a smooth silky finish. The crockery shelves are beautifully done with glass panes and occupy one side of the kitchen. This conveniently eliminates the need of an extra cabinet. This area is huge and each and every inch is utilized for storage. A large pantry storage cabinet holds the side spot.

Breakfast counter

The breakfast counter in the middle is a commendable place. With a beautiful and the subtle purple lighting in the center, this place is surely not a miss. Two large breakfast chairs add the much-needed glamor to the kitchen area. This kitchen is fitted with all modern appliances and devices.  A chimney with a hood and window sills provide good ventilation and an effective source of fresh air.

A fun Kid’s bedroom

The kid’s bedroom is a delight to watch. Let’s talk about the furniture first. A huge wardrobe stretches from one corner of the wall to the other. Done nicely in white and black, this wardrobe is very roomy and spacious. It has tons of storage spaces, which is mainly attributed to its series of drawers and shelves. The cabinet has both open and closed storage spaces. Closed drawers are perfect for storing clothes, toys and documents, whereas the open shelves can be utilized for keeping books and collectibles. A subtle lighting system brightens up the whole space and makes it perfect for a kid’s bedroom. 

Bunk bed

The other striking feature of this room is the bunk bed. Done exactly in the same black and white finish as the wardrobe, this bed will indeed make you sleep like a baby. The bunk bed here comes with a twist. This design beats the traditional horizontal pattern, but instead has the lower bed projecting perpendicularly to the upper bed. This covers a lot of space in the bedroom and makes it look more full. The stairs also come with a twist. Instead of having the regular climbers in the sides, the designer has used the extra space on the side to make permanent stairs that are stronger and long lasting. They merge in the total design pretty well and will not make you feel as out of place. The wood used for the bed is very strong and totally safe for the kids. 

The fresh and vibrant blue color on the walls and the matching curtains, make it a perfect dwelling place for the kids. This bed comes along with a mirror and a drawer that negates the need of an extra dresser in the room. Basically, everything from the bed to the dresser and the bookshelf are united in this single unit. 

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