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For those who are interested in doing something different for their house, this is one idea they shouldn't miss. There is a single theme that has been extended to the entire house and which has been incorporated in different forms in every room. The theme is yellow and this color has been used in the most interesting places to break the monotony and surprise the people looking at the room with its vibrancy.

Living room

The living room, although it looks one, has been divided into two sections. A minimalist design has been used here and in this room there are only two colors that have been used – brown and yellow. Yellow comes from the cushion, rug and the window blind, while brown comes from everything else in the room. The couch and bean bag have been placed facing the TV with a coffee table in the center, which makes up one section of the room. The other section is the cabinet placed against the other corner of the room. It can be used for storage and it can even be made into a bar corner. The painting placed on the wall behind the cabinet breaks the monotony and provides the only splashes of other colors in this room.


The design of the bedroom is as such very simple. The walls have been painted white and the flooring has been kept as blue. Two large cupboards against the wall provide ample storage space. The large window in the adjacent wall provides natural lighting in the room and small lamps have been placed on the ceiling to provide lighting during night. To keep up with the yellow theme, the bed cover used has been chosen in yellow.


The balcony is perhaps the most interesting feature in the entire house mainly because of the use of the unconventional yellow colored furniture placed here. Sections have been made into the wall where small decorative figurines have been placed along with a small lamp on top to provide lighting. Gray tiles have been used on the wall and dark wooden flooring. The combination of gray, brown and yellow is surprisingly refreshing and does not seem out of place at all. Designer Dhruva Samal & Associates has really played well with colors in this beautiful residence. 

Kitchen area

While the rest of the kitchen has been done up keeping utility and practicality in mind, this small space where a breakfast counter has been created is the most interesting part. Again the theme of gray, brown and yellow is visible here. Yellow comes from the walls and the tiles used in the kitchen while gray comes from the counter top, cabinets and the appliances. The two seats placed against the breakfast counter provide the brown color to complete the look. The use of the yellow rug is very unconventional, but it goes very well with the overall look of this section.


The theme of yellow has been used in the bathroom as well. While the walls have been done up with wallpapers, the yellow color comes from the two photo frames and shelves. Two different wallpaper patterns have been used, although the color of both is the same. Small plants have been placed on the shelves and they provide a very good combination of white, blue, yellow and green inside the bathroom.


It is interesting to note how the use of yellow has been incorporated in the hallway of the house. The door knobs used are square and of yellow color. A small table has been placed in the makeshift alcove where large photo frame and flowers provide the yellow color. The rest of the hallway is dominated by brown color but the bits of yellow in between provide a welcome break from this. 

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