The Family House That Is Forever

Lindsay Whitney Lindsay Whitney
DANKE Architekten Modern windows & doors
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Today we give another showcase tour of a German jewel of design and engineering—'The Living Tube' by the Danke Architects (or, the 'thanks' architects). 

Sure enough, this house has been built with prefabricated tubes that were then locked in with one another on top of a hilltop edge in the German countryside, to become an enterprising and winsome forever home for a happy family.

Over the ledge

Comprised of one main tubes, this tube houses the living, dining, sleeping plus the kitchen areas, and is the only tube that hangs suspended over a small ledge created by the house's foundation. 

From the outside, one can see right into the living room and, as if this feat were not enough already, outside decorators have etched fine but visible diamond patterns around the large window, giving the impression that one is looking into a picture frame. How cool!

Living in the trees

Now this living room lets you relax, providing the illusion that you are living in a tree among the other trees just outside this humungous window. 

The interior decor follows an organic, neutral colour scheme, with grey, minimalist furniture one white lamp with a soft incandescence, light, un-shined wood floors and a treated piece of driftwood as the artistic centrepiece—aside from the trees, of course!

The dining room patio

In case the living-in-the-trees living room is not enough of the outdoors for you, the architects have provided a side patio just off the dining, kitchen and living rooms. 

The deck has been build of fine bleached wood, making it just nearly as white as the house itself. Again, we find the diamond etch pattern goes along the whole tube house -- a truly unique alternative to simple paint!

Simple kitchen

The light pine wood lining the inside of the tube's ceiling and two walls makes this house's atmosphere fresh and clean, and easily accented, for example, with darker shades of wood, which we see has been done with the lower and upper kitchen cabinets. 

Additionally, rather than leave the space as one large, open block, architects have put a large, white block fireplace in the off-centre, which doubles as shelving and adds a bit of dynamism to the room.

Guiding light

In this shot, we get to see the bedroom, located on the back end of the long tube, and sharing the same long deck as the kitchen and dining. We also see though, that a long, angled slab covers the bedroom's deck fully, slimming down at the kitchen's end. The effect of this is that daylight is directed more into the kitchen and living areas but less into the bedroom, so sleeping people can get more late morning zees if they choose.

Lastly, we have to point out that most of the inside lighting in this shot is coming from hidden cabinet lighting, giving off a relaxed, muted yellow glow, and thus adding to the overall handsomeness of this whole abode. If you liked this house, check out another tube house here.

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