15 genius ideas to enclose a terrace or other outdoor area

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The outdoor spaces are ideal for fully enjoying summer. But who has never seen a barbecue ruined because it suddenly started raining? Terraces and outdoor areas in general have the charm of their open-to-the-outdoor nature, but it never hurts to protect them so that we are not surprised by inclement weather or relentless summer temperatures.

Protecting these areas with an attractive roof is ideal for making the most of these spaces. In this article, we present you with 15 brilliant ideas for this purpose.

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Terrace covers

Before we move on to the 15 alternatives for covering a terrace, know that in addition to being able to hire a roofer, you can do it yourself at home. For that, you can't miss this article.

There are different materials and for all budgets, acrylic terrace covers are cheaper than wooden ones, for example. It all depends on your budget and personal taste, but don't think that only the richest can enjoy this extra and closing the balcony with acrylic is the solution.

1. A cover for each type of space

Each terrace is different. Therefore, the ideal coverage varies depending on the characteristics or needs inherent to it. However, they all share some practical aspects, so if you want to close your terrace, you must not forget to incorporate an appropriate ventilation system that allows the space to be ventilated so as not to convert it into a sauna during the summer.

2. Functionality

One of the advantages of having a terrace or balcony is having additional space for all types of meetings. Adding a cover reinforces the functionality of the area that is protected from bad weather or excessive sun. With a cover, you don't have to worry about the furniture getting damp or the presence of animals (especially if you didn't clean up the remains of food from the party you organized the night before!).

3. Imperceptible

Contact with nature is one of the advantages of having a terrace. In this sense, the installation of a roof does not have to presuppose that the landscape is hidden. On the contrary, to prevent this from happening, we advise you to install a glass roof that allows you to enjoy the scenery in all its splendour. Take inspiration from the image project for this purpose. Don't you think it's fantastic?

4. Additional spaces

We suggest acquiring more space. Enclosing the terrace is a great solution if you are looking to add a few square meters to your home. Is your living room small? Open it and extend it to the outside. Do you need an office? Follow the same logic. This closed space can become whatever you want!

5. Light games

The lighting on a terrace is essential to make the most of it. When installing the cover, do not neglect this point. Combine the entry of natural light, typical of outdoor spaces, with an artificial lighting system that hides the electrical conditions in the structure itself.

… here is a roof with a wooden structure

6. Space management

Whenever the dimensions allow, you can opt for a partial cover, that is, one that protects part of the terrace, freeing up another part that can be used to plant a garden. As we mentioned, the use of transparent materials will mean that you can continue to enjoy the landscape, but with the comfortable protection of a roof.

7. Materials and colors

The evolution in the adaptation of spaces, in particular, and design, in general, has resulted in the existence of a wide catalogue of materials and structures to build roofs. Laminated glass is one of the most popular. You can combine it with metal or wooden structures for a more appealing result.

8. Wood

An alternative to the airtightness of glass is wooden coverings. Their functionality is more than proven and, although they do not protect the area in the same way from rain, they have in their favour the fact that they let the sun through, while at the same time creating shaded areas.

9. Awnings

Another way to protect your terrace or balcony without completely closing it off is by installing an awning. Nowadays, there is a wide range of styles and electrically controlled proposals that minimize the effort to open the awning. Furthermore, awnings can be combined with glass coverings, although some freedom is lost in this way.

10. Rigid

Given the freedom of awnings or the flexibility of movable roofs, you can also opt for rigid covers. Your choice is determined, to a large extent, by the use you want to make of the area to be covered. In any case, installation may require specific conditions depending on where you intend to install it.

11. Minimalist aesthetic

The roof of your terrace is not merely a practical element. It can also be an attractive aesthetic feature if you choose a suitable design. A structure with a square surface gives this space an elegant and minimalist look.

12. A good foundation

Regardless of the material or design you choose to enclose your terrace or garden, remember that the structure that supports it is fundamental. Sturdy pillars are the best choice to guarantee the safety of the roof.

13. Movement

Here is another example of how an awning can help protect your terrace, creating a shaded area when necessary. The advantage of this type of solution is that, when the sun falls, you can pull it completely back, allowing you to fully enjoy the starry sky!

14. A wooden structure with an awning

Cosy, intimate and highly attractive, this space is where the owners have protected thanks to the wooden structure with a mesh awning. Simple but functional.

15. Eclectic

Awnings or glass covers? There is no reason to choose one or the other, as you can use them both in your terrace or garden project. Although this is a resource used mainly in commercial spaces, you can also find an appropriate version for your home.

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