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Do you think white is a boring and clinical colour reserved only for hospitals? Well, we beg to differ! White is an extremely versatile hue that can be used anywhere in the home when rendered with style and creativity. Whether it comes to walls, furniture or decor pieces, white can be made to work for everything. 

This colour succeeds in creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, and also gives the illusion of spaciousness when used for painting an entire room. Though the common perception about using white is that it might get dirty, the end result is worth it. Also, there is no reason why you shouldn't stick to only one particular shade of white for any space. Use variations like creamy, pearly, or eggshell white to add visual depth, layers and interest. So to inspire you, today's story features eight homes that have used the color white in eight amazing ways.

An outer glow

Firstly, white is not only for the interiors. Exterior facades can be painted entirely in white to give the house an exterior glow and make it look bigger than it is. 

Additionally, if you cultivate beautiful red or white roses in the garden around your white home, it will surely make people stop and admire the scene when they pass by.

White sanctuary

This bedroom has a unique design. It features a stone wall and a glass bathroom as an extension of the room itself. Since it lacks windows, white becomes the colour of choice to ensure that the bedroom appears bright, expansive and breathable. 

The white linen, cabinets and tub further enhance the pristine look and feel of this space.

Accessorising in white

Portuguese style furnishings often include a combination of white accents, peppered with metal. In this brilliantly decorated room, we see white furnishings with a hint of metal for the flower pot and the lamp shade. 

The plush white bedding, the white dresser and the lovely white flowers take this space to a whole new level of aesthetics.

White and light

The advantage of using white is that it blends well with any other colour palette or furnishing. This beautiful bathroom features large glass windows that look out into the verdant garden. 

The use of white inside ensures that the outside view is highlighted sufficiently. And as we know, natural light and white make for a stunning design scheme, naturally.

Divide, colour, and conquer

When dividing a space into many parts, it can feel quite cramped. So the designers were faced with a challenge for this space here. 

The area was to be divided into a kitchen, living room, and dining area, without hampering the feeling of openness. They chose white paint to ensure that each space looks big and inviting. Glass balustrades for the sleek staircase are a clever touch too.

Vibrant in white

With white as the predominant colour, it is easy to furnish a room the way you want. This delightful living room uses a white carpet, sofa and chairs to complement its white walls. The wooden accent wall and the quirky coffee tables beautifully break the monotony of the white, along with the peppy house plants in the distance and colourful knickknacks. 

This living area was designed by Helo Marques Associadosarchitects from Sao Paulo. For someone who likes to switch things around occasionally, a white colour scheme is essential as a neutral canvas. 

All white and dazzling

This home is stunning with everything dipped in glorious white. The aura in the home is that of perfection, serenity and peace. 

The strategic placement of the furniture ensures that the all-white room does not turn into a clinical looking space. Glass walls as well as the wooden deck make it ideal for relaxation and soaking in the beauty of the outdoors.

Peaceful workspace

Midcentury Modern Desk in Solid Ash Biggs & Quail Study/officeDesks
Biggs & Quail

Midcentury Modern Desk in Solid Ash

Biggs & Quail

Like a clutter free and motivating workspace? You should definitely choose white tones. The uniformity will help you focus and think clearly. The office space featured here is organized, with the bare necessities placed on a minimalistic wooden table. The large windows let you enjoy the outside view when you are too tired to concentrate, and the potted succulents bring in a natural vibe.

So are you all geared up to try creating a predominantly white space in your home too? Feel free to implement the ideas mentioned above or consult an interior designer before you get started. Here’s another story that you might find useful - 9 decor ideas that will make your house style sizzle.

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