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​8 Modular kitchen designs for a small apartment

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Food tastes lovely when cooked in an inspiring kitchen. Whether you have a small or large apartment, space is never an issue when you create classy, smart and convenient kitchen. Make use of the creative permutations and combinations to help the kitchen reflect a charismatic personality. A modular kitchen provider will offer pre-made upper and lower units, kitchen cabinet parts, internal accessories, kitchen gadgets including the kitchen chimney, sink, well-made oven, dishwasher and other kitchen appliances. You can choose kitchen cabinets, appliances, counter tops and several other accessories as per preference. In a modular kitchen, all the parts will be separately provided and you can assemble them to create a unique kitchen for yourself. Below you will find 8 unique modular kitchen designs that are a must to try.

Straight kitchen

Also known as single line kitchen, it is perfect for small sized apartments. Here, all the major kitchen appliances are placed underneath the counters. This way the available space in the kitchen is effectively utilized and all kitchen activities such as cooking, cleaning, dining can be done hassle-free here. 

The popular L-Shaped kitchens

Here the work centers are placed just along the adjacent walls, creating an L-Shape cabinet. The sink is placed on one of the kitchen walls and the cook top or the induction is placed onto the other wall. It is great for houses where multiple people work in the kitchen at the same time. It is by far one of the most popular kitchen designs seen with the combination of an island where kids can join in and do their homework or other activities. You can see the mesmerizing Hutch-style cabinets upon the counters that add to the kitchen aesthetics and pave way for additional storage area.

Island kitchens meant for smallest home spaces

Bright, clean, contemporary homify Modern kitchen

Bright, clean, contemporary


If you have a small apartment with a not-so spacious kitchen, then getting a kitchen island is a good idea. You will find a counter top in the middle of the cooking space which can be employed for preparing lavish meals. This kind of modular kitchen design may also be noticed in the cookery shows. You may also use the counter top for family dining. Here, you can enjoy more storage space and a larger working area. The kitchen Island is the most desired element of the kitchen where you may incorporate modern kitchen appliances. It is an ideal and functional element in every kitchen. Further, a kitchen island superbly opens up ways to entertain the guests. 

Here's another ideabook on Multi-purpose kitchen islands you could refer. 

The U-Shaped kitchen for medium sized apartments

The basic layout of a U-Shaped kitchen is especially suitable for both medium and small sized kitchens. Storage area and working area occupies the three walls of the kitchen room. With this design, you can enjoy more cabinet and counter area. You may attain a fabulous country style look with the U-Shaped kitchen. This will surely fit your pockets since kitchen components are ready made. Distinct parts can be chosen and customized as per need and budget.

The country style modular kitchen

Pippy oak island kitchen Churchwood Design Country style kitchen Wood Wood effect
Churchwood Design

Pippy oak island kitchen

Churchwood Design

Adopting timber as the dominant kitchen material, this particular country style kitchen has a great visual appeal. Appearing to be practical, the kitchen has an amazing functionality. It makes use of peppy oak to create a great impact and feel. This is sure to reflect your personal style and taste. The distressed paint finish can act as an icing on the cake.

The contemporary kitchen style for accentuating looks

Are you planning to repaint the kitchen? While designing the contemporary style kitchen, you need to choose the right shades of colors. Picking up the right color can create a unique and accentuated modular kitchen design. You should stick to lighter shades and white would be a fantastic choice. The contemporary and stimulating color can be used in combination with other shades. Contemporary kitchens have a sense of effortless and seamless appeal.

Traditional kitchen designs to offer a colorful twist to the home

Saltaire Painted Graphite Shaker Island | Sigma 3 Kitchens Sigma 3 Kitchens Classic style kitchen
Sigma 3 Kitchens

Saltaire Painted Graphite Shaker Island | Sigma 3 Kitchens

Sigma 3 Kitchens

The traditional and coastal kitchen design is considered very stylish and classy. Using white is a good option as then you can team it up with colorful accents. This elegant setting when coupled with a kitchen island made up of marble, makes the kitchen look stunning. With latest modern kitchen appliances, the looks of the kitchen change manifold. 

Sprucing up kitchens with cabinets

Cabinets are always a superb addition to the cooking space. The cabinet space can allow you to store knives, forks, spoons, trays, glasses and several other items. Functional cabinets carrying inbuilt lights, what's more? Contemporary cabinets look awesome in modular kitchens.  For more inspiring ideas on Kitchen decor and furnishings, projects by designer The Wood Galleries  can be definitely looked upon. 

Kitchen is an indispensable part of every house. You need to design it with superb functionality and great convenience. The above ideas, if incorporated, can foster classy, sophisticated and elite kitchens. Modular kitchens are the most flexible kitchens that can add much value to the property.

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