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A stunning hillside home in Brazil

Rita Deo Rita Deo
Duo Arquitetura Country style balcony, veranda & terrace Wood Beige
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Words cannot describe the fabulous design and structure of this breathtaking residence located atop mountain of Gameliras near Natal, Brazil. Designed by Natal based Duo Architects, the house is attuned to the hillside in such a manner that it appears like a part of the landscape. Emphasis was laid on use of locally available materials to have as small a carbon footprint as possible so interior spaces have been designed to take maximum advantage of natural light and enjoy surrounding views. The design seamlessly blends together the exteriors and interiors in such a manner that both spaces have an interesting mix of large soaring spaces and small intimate niches. Come with us on a leisurely tour of this beautiful house and enjoy the birds’ eye view of surrounding hills and valley.

Hillside enchantment

Constructed on a large rock formation with a sloping roof the single level home is built in loft style that was popular in mid-70. Dark maroon door and window frames in combination with light brown stone columns and dark roof beams give the exteriors an exciting facade. Undeterred by the rocky landscape owners have created charming garden elements that make the house friendly and inviting with small pockets of colorful flowers and shrubs.

Cozy socializing room

Enthusiastic mix of dark and light colors have turned this living room cum sleeping area into a warm and sociable region with multiple relaxing seating option for friends and family to enjoy several hours of fun and companionship. Soft cream background against dark brown box beds with cream furnishings creates the perfect soothing ambience in the glow of muted lights.

Notice the cozy seating area near the fireplace? Well that is the casual entertainment area typical of log cabins where space is limited and here we have large square cushions around a tree trunk shaped center piece. Hand woven earth rug in yellow and brown animal patterns enhances the brown and yellow cushions placed together in cozy harmony.

Ethereal lighting for classic setting

Our designers have always emphasized that space should not be a constraint for enjoying the finer things in life and the same is showcased here by Natal based Duo Architects. Even in the restricted space of this loft a classic style dining area has been arranged with six wide bottomed high back chairs. Television on an open wooden cupboard serves as a subtle barrier between living, dining and sleeping quarters. Slanting roof holds a pretty chandelier with multiple LED lights that keep the region brightly lights with recessed lighting within the ceiling. The charming oak counter that acts as a service counter between the kitchen and dining area doubles up as extra breakfast bar when guests are around.

Coffee by the hillside

Words of admiration about verdant valleys and sparkling streams fail us as the breathtaking view from this timber floor balcony protected by iron railing can leave any first time viewer spellbound.  The balcony offers multiple seating options as it extends like a porch around the house. Earthy patchwork seats and colorful red cushions brighten up rustic bench type seats ideal for this natural setting. Wouldn’t you want to relax on the comfortable futons at the far corner with a hot beverage and an exciting murder mystery book?

Modern kitchen

Surprised to see how these large refrigerators fit in a tiny kitchen? Well the place may be tiny but it has all the necessary equipment to feed a large family of six to eight members and any friends that might drop in. Clean and compact design with floating shelves and compact cabinets make the neutral tone kitchen feel spacious and large.

Glowing beacon

We stop to admire the enchanting home in the glow of sunset towards evening in the final leg of our tour. The abode glows like an ethereal beacon amidst the exterior lights around the house and final rays of the sun. Lights placed within the stone pillars of the house and glass exteriors make the residence easy to spot from several miles away.

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