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We've all had those days. Those days when we wake up, and don't want to look in the mirror, for fear of what we might see! Or evenings when we're getting ready for a big night out, and no matter how many times we check ourselves in the full-length mirror, we're just not happy. But what if, regardless of how you looked, your mirror made you smile—and in the process, made you look better with it! A beautiful mirror will make all that self-criticism melt away; when you look in it you can take pleasure in knowing you have impeccable taste! Beyond that, mirrors will add light to any room, and can refract that light to change the room's aspect as the light changes. Mirrors will also create an illusion of space, adding new dimensions with their reflections.

Whether you're looking for something full-length; something to hang on your bedroom wall; or something to stand on a hall console, we've selected some beautiful mirrors for you to consider below.

Floral beauty

Who wouldn't want to be garlanded with flowers as they check their outfit out? The stunning floral frame on this mirror by Presumedetucasa will definitely give you joy, whether you hang it vertically or horizontally.

A walk in the woods

Or how about a woodland theme? Put yourself in the forest on a misty morning with this tree-print framed mirror, also from Presumedetucasa.

Hang your hat on elegance

Kiko Zinc mirrors homify Dressing roomMirrors

Kiko Zinc mirrors


These simple, elegant hanging mirrors would look just as lovely hanging anywhere in your home—in your bathroom, leaning on your hall console, or hanging from a hook in your dressing or living room. Made from antique zinc by design firm Decorum, they're also available with an antique brass frame, and in a variety of sizes.

Classic sunburst

The sunburst mirror. It's a classic, and a showstopper! Spice up any space with Orion by Sweets and Spices Dekoration. You could hang this over a fireplace, a bed, a console; anywhere you want to add a burst of style and glamour.

Deconstructed contemporary

You like the idea of a sunburst mirror, but want something a little more deconstructed? Sweets and Spices Dekoration have you covered for that, too, with their 'Kensey' mirror. All the glamour of a sunburst, but with a contemporary twist.

Reverso world!

Quirky, fun, and delightful, this mirror will make you smile, even as you try to figure out if there's a secret message hidden in the letters that make up the frame!

Opulent glamour

Need something as glamorous as you are? This mirror should fit the bill.

Soften the edges

Of course, glamour doesn't have to be all hard edges and metallic finish—this reclaimed-teak framed mirror oozes chic, but softens the edges.

A consoling beauty

A matching console and mirror in one? Why not! This set from Lea Pack, called 'Mer Rouge' (Red Sea) is colour and style in one package.

Shabby exotica

We all love shabby chic, but sometimes we want a pinch of exotic, too. This mirror has both, with old wood enlivened with Moorish design accents, would suit a bathroom equally as well as a hall.

Form over function

A mirror can be a feature piece as much as a functional piece—as this beautiful work by Paco Escriva proves. Less mirror than artwork, it would look stunning in any space.

Go large, be fabulous

Sometimes, you just want your mirror to make a serious statement. This one does just that, with elaborate rococco styling and silver leaf. One look in this, and no matter how bad the bad hair day, you'll think to yourself: 'I feel absolutely fabulous.'

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