Small Is Beautiful—9 Nifty Small Kitchen Decor Ideas

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エヌ スケッチ Eclectic style kitchen
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Gone will be your days of complaining and whining that your kitchen is too small once you're through with this post. Simple, tiny solutions go a long way and that's exactly what we plan on bringing you.

Compact cosiness

Keeping tabs with the minimalist approach is what it's all about these days. This compact kitchen does exactly that. There's no need for a big bulky separate dining table as this one fits in perfectly. Also gone is the need for separate cabins, as the white ones by the side do just the trick without congesting the place.

Checkout some idea to making the most of your compact kitchen here.

Keeping it simple

Modern architecture at its best. Without a doubt a built in dining table coupled with built in cabinets and drawers is a space saver. Designed mainly in white, sparing the gray counter this kitchen is sleek elevated with a hint of the modern effect one longs for.

Throwback in these modern times.

The rustic look of this kitchen finds its contributors in the jazzy gas stove as well as the prehistoric type slab by the side. The use of pebbles on the stove along with the incorporation of the brickwork brings in a modern charm to this prehistoric look.

Classically Modern

The use of elongated slabs of wood definitely create the illusion of a larger kitchen. Cabinets tucked in beneath the counter as well as the one by the side occupies minimum space. Modern and contemporary feels are created capitalising on the minimum space available.

Decorative Tiles

It's one thing to harp on the limited availability of space and quite another to make sure it goes unnoticed. This simple trick comes in handy- the use of decorative tiles. Where they shine by standing out, the limited space diminishes, giving you a larger perception of the not so large kitchen.

The White Duvet

Simple. Elegant. Classy. Stylish. Opulent. Refined. This kitchen has got all it's check boxes ticked. The all white ensemble graciously compliments any piece of decor added to it making it a marvel. All this almost makes you unaware of the not so spacious kitchen.

Basic Beauty

Stainless steel plate racks The Plate Rack KitchenCabinets & shelves
The Plate Rack

Stainless steel plate racks

The Plate Rack

One cabin for Everything, Literally. This is just genius! So simple it is in its conception yet such a compelling argument it makes. Your basic one stop shop for everything! Plates, pans, bottles, utensils, everything. Now that's what we call effective space management!

Architecture at its finest

Take a look at the intricate detail. The lack of space is very noticeable, but how a single wall changes that is magnificent. Combined cabins that run along with the wall eliminates the need to have separate ones.

White Beauty

If you ever find yourself in need of space, the undying solution would be White. Yes the colour white. It naturally steals focus away from the obvious lack of space to itself, which is brilliant in any form really.

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Great things come in small packages, don’t we all agree now?

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