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How to Give a House an Amazing Upgrade with Colours, Texture, and Wallpaper

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Family House Refurb, Niki Schafer Interior Design Niki Schafer Interior Design Single family home
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Every house begins to look tired after a few years. Sometimes, one gets bored with seeing the same interiors daily and wants a change that mere repainting doesn’t solve. The good news is that upgrading the interiors isn’t necessarily time-consuming and messy. All it takes is professional guidance to add pops of colour and textural contrasts. For ideas and inspiration, let’s tour a family house refurbishment in Buckinghamshire to see how Niki Schafer Interior Design implemented changes with wallpaper and furniture to give an old house a modern, new look. 

An inviting foyer

The designers used a nook at the entrance to create a welcoming feel. Grey and white geometric-patterned wallpaper lends a distinctly modern aesthetic complemented by the linear design of the console. A bright red lampshade adds a pop of colour, infusing warmth and contrasting the neutral tones throughout the space. The designers custom-built a radiator cover to tuck the heating element out of sight. A mirror over the console reflects light to create a sense of spaciousness. Overall, the space looks elegant and inviting, setting the tone for the modern aesthetic in the rest of the house.

Customised storage solutions

Storage is a key aspect of modern interior design, helping keep clutter at bay by ensuring space to organise things efficiently. The space-saving bench has a shoe cabinet under the seat to optimise storage. The cabinet has sliding doors to save space in the narrow passage. It’s painted a bright blue to add colour, while the patterned cushion upholstery and plants add textural and colour contrasts.

Optimising space

Custom furniture was designed to make the most of the space in the house. Here, we see another bench incorporated into a recess to create a cosy reading nook. The cushioned bench provides seating, while the built-in shelves offer space to store books and accessories to keep the area organised.

Maximising natural light

Besides adding texture and colour, the designers focused on enhancing the natural light inside the rooms. Here, custom covers over the radiators match the white louvred window shutters, besides offering display space for accessories. The furniture is neatly aligned to create a balanced visual with the fireplace at the centre. Instead of artwork over the mantel, the designers chose a large mirror, its ornate frame matching the vintage aesthetic of the fireplace while reflecting light to present a modern look.

Quiet sophistication in the living room

The designers adopted a subtle approach in the living room, coating the walls in neutral tones and adding texture and colour to the furniture and accessories. The wooden entertainment cabinet under the wall-mounted television has a textural quality, adding interest. The shaggy rug adds another textural contrast, while the blue patterned cushion adds a single colour pop in a room where even the artworks reflect neutral tones. The overall look is one of understated elegance. Sheer curtains filter the sunlight without eliminating the natural light in the room.

A mix of textures and colour

The turquoise wallpaper behind the bed sets a relaxing mood in the main bedroom, with colour contrasts offered by red bolsters and chair upholstery. Textures are introduced through the quilted pattern on the headboard, the patterned bench upholstery, and a plush velvet throw. Like in the other rooms, the colour palette includes neutral tones with a few colour contrasts.

An oversized panelled mirror on the wall opposite the bed reflects light and space to create a sense of amplitude in the bedroom.

Vibrant gym

The bright pop of colour extends to the home gym, where an entire wall is covered with bold wallpaper to create a vibrant ambience, with a wall-to-wall mirror on the other side reflecting the colours and natural light, offering the perfect environment for a home workout.

Curated modern accessories

Besides wallpaper, colours, textures, and custom furniture, the designers curated striking modern accessories to update the house and bring it to contemporary standards.

A pleasant surprise

Let’s conclude the tour with an exterior view of the house to appreciate how the designers transformed the interiors. It’s hard to imagine the house has a modern aesthetic inside, seeing the traditional brick and tile façade. 

This project by Niki Schafer Interior Design demonstrates the possibility of giving old interiors a contemporary boost using colour and texture.

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