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Modern Design Optimises Light in a Stunning 4-bedroom Apartment in Gurugram

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
Residence at Gurugram, GreenArk GreenArk Flat
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In most projects, interior designers set the tone for the aesthetic based on the client’s requirements. In the beautiful four-bedroom apartment featured here, let’s see how the team of interior designers from Greenark used their client’s ideas to shape the space, giving the apartment a minimal, modern, and chic aesthetic to create a light and airy ambience throughout the entire area.

The ideal blend of light and warmth

The living and dining areas present the perfect example of how the professionals designed the space to achieve a minimal, modern aesthetic with light and natural tones. While the two rooms share space in the open-plan layout, a wooden ceiling visually demarcates the dining space, adding a beautiful highlight.

A connection to nature

Custom-made, landscaped-themed monochrome artwork and wallpaper add a focal feature in the rooms, besides bringing a touch of the outdoors inside.

Beautiful details

A closer look at the dining area presents a better perspective of the beautiful wooden frame, suspending two ceiling fans, and a stunning, artistic pendant over the dining table.

Light reflection

A stylish dining cabinet against the dining room wall offers easy access to store crockery and cutlery. The mirror-tiled wall behind the sideboard reflects light throughout the room to enhance the brightness.

A unique mandir

A cosy pooja area has been carved out of the expansive common space, with its mirror ceiling, customised white and gold tiles, a stainless-steel jali sandwiched glass sliding door, and a stainless-steel PVD-coated partition wall.

The mandir stands next to the main entrance door but is tucked neatly out of sight from the entrance hallway.

Light and airy main bedroom

The primary focus of the four-bedroom apartment’s design was to keep all the rooms always filled with light. In the main bedroom, light, neutral tones have been used to enhance the natural light through the glass sliding doors connecting to the balcony. Its minimalist design includes chic features such as LED ceiling lights in false ceilings and bedside pendant lamps. The fluted wood wall behind the bed and quilted upholstery add texture to provide relief from the neutral tones. The overall ambience is cosy and airy.

A cosy reading nook

The designers created a cosy reading nook in the corner of the main bedroom with minimalist shelves for displaying books and a custom bench with under-seat storage and a quilted wall-mounted backrest. Light tones carry to the reading nook, creating a cohesive design.

Stylish ensuite

The main bedroom’s ensuite bathroom is designed with neutral tones, with floor-to-ceiling natural stone cladding adding visual texture. The bathroom has a spacious glass shower enclosure.

Colourful kids’ room

Although the kids’ room follows the same minimal, modern aesthetic as the rest of the house, the designers have added a pop of colour through the custom blue world map wallpaper. A space-saving bunk bed keeps the centre of the room free for playing, while study desks are set in an L-shaped arrangement to optimise space.  

Kids’ bathroom

In the kids’ bathroom, the textures in the built-in countertop and the floor tiles provide relief from the neutral tones.

A shower stall with a glass door helps separate the wet and dry areas in the kids’ bathroom. The shower area includes a storage niche for quick access to bath accessories.

Stylish guest bedroom

Like the main bedroom, the guest bedroom has a neutral colour palette with textures introduced through the fluted wall behind the bed and the patterns on the upholstery.

Modern guest bathroom

The guest bathroom has a warm and cosy ambience with warm natural stone tones and textures on the floor-to-ceiling wall tiles and recessed ceiling lights. A glass shower enclosure demarcates the wet and dry zones.

Light and airy kitchen

The spacious galley kitchen reflects the modern, minimalist aesthetic throughout the house with sleek white cabinets and built-in appliances, while gold trims add a touch of luxury. Natural light enters the kitchen through the sliding glass doors connecting to the utility balcony.

Optimised layout and light

Let’s conclude the tour of the stunning apartment with a view of the dining room from the living space. It gives a better perspective of how the designers from Greenark have optimised the layout of the spaces, demarcating each area with visual dividers – stainless-steel jali sandwiched sliding doors for the mandir, a wooden ceiling in the dining area, and a wooden archway at the kitchen entrance. Yet, all the spaces merge fluidly, thanks to the neutral tones and reflections that ensure the entire house is filled with light, just as the client wanted.

Which is your favourite feature in this modern apartment?

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