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Space Saving Solutions for the Smart Kitchen

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Clerkenwell WC1: Minimal Professional Home Increation Classic style kitchen
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The kitchen can be thought of as your house’s engine—a domestic huddling point, it’s beating heart, the space where we create and enjoy delicious meals, plan and organise our lives and share the ins and outs of our day-to-day. In so many ways, the kitchen is central to a fully functional household and in order to enjoy domestic harmony, it’s crucial that a collective space like the kitchen is set out efficiently and as stress-free as possible. Kitchens are magnets for clutter and poor use of space. Sometimes, these space issues are right there in front of your eyes, evading scrutiny over time, subtly taking away more and more space without you even realising. Take a look around—got unsightly Tupperware containers full of muesli on display for all to see? Or is your hefty stash of recipe books slowly beginning to annexe the food preparation area? Whether modern and minimal, or rustic and elaborate, space-saving solutions are paramount for a practical kitchen—and a truly harmonious household.

Here’s a few smooth manoeuvres to dish up a dose of ‘kitchenly' inspiration to refresh and revitalise, from floating open shelves for your goodies, to tucked away drawers within kitchen islands—plenty of ideas out there to suit any and every budget.

No overhead cupboards? – No worries

Are you lacking overhead cupboards but on a budget? How about installing a simple shelf above your bench space and storing away all those mismatched canisters and bottles? This not only frees up your preparation area, but also gives an eclectic and interesting place to put all of those handy yet space wasting kitchen items. In addition, the blank wall space underneath the shelf can be used to hang utensils—not only convenient, but a cute and clever way to have all the essentials within quick reach.

No space to store anything?

One of the biggest problems with kitchens can be a lack of space to store anything. But that just means that it’s time to minimise! We are all guilty of owning too many of the same item—too many sieves, too many Tupperware containers. Instead of jamming them all into a tiny cupboard, pick the things you absolutely need and give the rest away. Fix the lack of space with the addition of simple steel shelving. Not only does this blend in effortlessly with the surrounding décor (and suits almost all styles), but also holds enough basics to provide some serious space to the kitchen. Choose your items wisely and this space will double—not only as smart decoration, but also as an ingenious storage space.

Useful kitchen island shelving

Blessed with the potential of creating or upgrading a kitchen? Consider using the island as a clever shelving solution! It can provide an attractive space for recipe books, decorative tableware and more.

A Moveable Wall… of shelving

Kitchen update Hege in France Scandinavian style kitchen
Hege in France

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Hege in France

Often with a small apartment or house, the kitchen space can be tight; add to that children, teenagers, friends and partners and suddenly what little space there was is no more. The solution: a moveable wall of shelving. This ingenious way of openly storing tableware, glassware, cutlery and more can prevent the constant scuffle for bench space while someone is trying to get to the cupboards below. Additionally, this shelf can be moved into a different space in the kitchen, or another room for dinner parties or get-togethers.

Lacking kitchen cupboard space

Does your kitchen lack basic cupboard space? Not to worry, there’s an easy solution that can add an extra element of ‘wow’ to your room without any clunky additional cupboards. The wall shelving shown here provides space for tableware and table decoration, while saving precious kitchen space. The icing on the cake is that it gives an otherwise expressionless space additional depth and interest.

Knives need not take up drawer space!

Clerkenwell WC1: Minimal Professional Home Increation Classic style kitchen

Clerkenwell WC1: Minimal Professional Home


Time to take those common kitchen items out of their drawer and onto the wall. Something as simple as a magnetic knife strips can be an affordable and practical way to keep knives within easy reach.  These days there are many different options for every style and decor, with bamboo storage bars being particularly popular as they are softer on the knife blade.

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