A Stunning Family Home with a Natural Touch

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Monterrey in Mexico is where we are today, and this metropolis has scenic vistas dotting its urban landscape. Quite fittingly, this home in Monterrey that we are about to explore, makes the most of the lush greenery surrounding it, as well as the luxuriously urban design that the architects at Landa Suberville have put forth. This abode brings nature inside and reaches out to touch it at the same time with surprising and expansive design elements. Wood and glass lend all the stunning accents this residence flaunts. Take the tour to find out more!

Outdoor Pleasures by Day

One can tell that the home has sprung to accommodate its surroundings rather than eliminating those aspects of the greenery that did not lead to a more structural outlook. The greenery is where the focus is, and the backyard is a perfect example of the same. The tree leaning over the pool and the wooden deck sitting on a slightly higher plane with potted plants makes for a clean, natural look that has not really been tampered with. The deck, the pool, and the planters have been combined cleverly under the leaning trees to give the design an organic appeal.

Mystical Magic by Night

The simplicity and sheer high class good looks of the home lie in the use of simple concrete frames that do not hold concrete walls, but gleaming, clear glass instead. This gives the home an inside out look which helps it merge with its surroundings. This L shaped structure has been built in a way that the interiors reflect the outdoors, and vice versa. From this angle, one can easily make out the contours and lighting within the home when the sun goes down. Also, the pristine blue pool that takes up most of the space in the backyard reflects the shining beauty of the interiors and the moon on moonlit nights. Lastly, the shade of the large trees gives it all a wholesome appeal.

The Exposed Stairway

Glass has been used judiciously throughout the home to mark the various areas. This stairway is no different. It has been placed in a semi-outdoor setting with branches hanging overhead and lots of sunlight coming in through the skylight on top. The stone tiling in a neutral hue adds to the understated but luxurious effect.

Wooden Detailing Indoors

Even when you explore the interiors of the home, the greenery outside reaches out to you from each and every direction. Fittingly, the architects have used plenty of wood and white touches for the furnishing to bring sophistication to the nature-friendly design scheme. The wood matches the verdant greenery perfectly, and impresses with its sharp glossiness.

A Green Final View

The property is engulfed in greenery, which lends it an air of quaint mystery. And as you peep in through the busy foliage, you get to experience the enticing view of the blue pool and the different lines and angles of the house.

The home is a sophisticated rendering in glass and wood, with nature playing a starring role no matter where you go. Here's another home tour to get your creative juices flowing - A chic Gujarati apartment with pops of colour!

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