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Join us on a tour of a home today to check out a small apartment big on style. The one-bedroom apartment is fashionable yet sensible in its taste with an emphasis on space efficiency due to its small size. This is a great home tour to explore if your home faces similar challenges due to space limitations. We are proud to present to you the excellent work of our experts at homify, Medonca Pinheiro Interiores, interior designers and decorators based in Brazil. 

We hope you will find some great ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through this tour. Please don't forget to leave us some feedback in the end. Now, let's have a look at the interiors of this beautiful apartment shall we? 

Creating the illusion of space

A good design is a practical one, and a practical design in the case of this small apartment is a design that creates the illusion of more space. The best part is that this very practical design is also aesthetically pleasing and fashionable. 

Picture here we see that a large mirror has been employed to cover the wall adjacent to the dining area. This makes the apartment seem larger than it is. To add to it, the apartment also gets plenty of natural light, and has sufficient lighting to keep it bright and spacious-looking. Tall cabinets used for storage and display also act as room dividers, helping to keep the small space organized and neat. Next let's have a closer look at the dining area. 

A classy dining area

The classy dining area pictured here could easily be mistaken for a fine dining restaurant minus the homey kitchen in the background. Upholstered dining chairs covered with an elegant dark blue velvety suede material, coupled with a glass dining table and a beautiful chandelier hanging above hold promises of a divine dining experience. Having a kitchen within close reach adds a homely cosy feeling to this setting. Next, let's have a look at how spaces have been decorated. 

Vintage style decorations

Pictured here we see vintage style decorations like the bright-coloured funky cabinet and photo frames in various shapes and sizes injecting some personality into the apartment. After all a house only becomes a home when it expresses the individuality of the residents. We think this image demonstrates an exemplary model for personalizing homes. 

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Blue and white interiors

We absolutely love the colour scheme chosen for the interiors—blue and white. The dark blue used for the dining area is seen repeated in the living room, while white is wide spread. This colour combination creates a relaxing environment, while the contrast breathes life into the home. 

Space-efficient kitchen

Although the kitchen is small, it makes up for its size with its brilliant storage solutions. As you can see here, the storage is super sleek and space-efficient, saving precious space in a small kitchen. Even kitchen appliances such as the microwave are stored in integrated cabinets, keeping the limited amount of work area in the kitchen as free as possible. 

Modern fireplace

The modern fireplace integrated into the cabinet holding the entertainment system adds some warm olden days charm to this contemporary abode. A sleek looking white Panther, a potted plant, and an abstract art piece all play a part in adding to the elegance of this modern fireplace. Next, let's have a look at the master bedroom. 

A sophisticated bedroom

A bedroom is a place of refuge and solace. It is the place that is waiting for you to indulge in its comfort at the end of a tiring day. Therefore, it is important to cherish it and make it as comfortable and cosy as possible. Pictured here we see a minimalist style bedroom which has almost no decorations, rather the focus seems to be on a clean, tidy, spacious feel. The light colours that dominate this bedroom enhances the relaxed atmosphere it exudes. A classy dressing table gives the old-school bed headboard some company, while modern industrial style lighting hanging from the ceiling adds a contemporary twist. Finally, let's have a look at the bathroom. 

A compact bathroom

A compact bathroom with everything you need within arm's reach is all you need sometimes. The creamy coloured lovely marble sink countertop with storage space underneath adds a delicate contrast to the pristine white bathroom while also adding space to the sink area. 

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What do you like most about the tour of this small apartment? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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