8 Living Room Couches for Indian Homes

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
Singh Residence Space Interface Modern living room
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A couch is an essential feature in every Indian living room. Let’s face it! Even if we don’t entertain every day, we all need the extra space over the weekends when visitors drop in or during parties.  

However, just any old couch won’t do! Couches have a pretty clear job description. They have to be comfortable, suit the design style of the home and provide sufficient seating. So, how do you go about finding the right couch for your living room? We’ve picked 8 ideas for you.


Minimalistic Interior spaces ---Living room interiors Preetham Interior Designer Minimalist living room
Preetham  Interior Designer

Minimalistic Interior spaces ---Living room interiors

Preetham Interior Designer

If the rest of your home is stylishly modern-minimalist, you need to get a couch that sticks to the theme. The upholstered low-back set in this home serves the purpose quite well. The curved back of the couch against the wall adds an artistic touch as well.

Stylish Curves

Orange Living Room homify Modern living room

Orange Living Room


An upholstered couch with curved legs and backrest is reminiscent of the old wooden couches and loungers in traditional Indian homes. However, the use of leather upholstery in a bright shade gives this one a modern feel. Not only is it stylish, but it’s also perfect for lounging!

Sink-in Comfort

If your living room is spacious, there’s no better way to make guests feel at home than to opt for large upholstered sink-in sofas. They are big enough for people to squeeze in without feeling cramped. The only disadvantage – once guests sit on it, they might not want to get up in a hurry!

Flexible Seating

Singh Residence Space Interface Modern living room
Space Interface

Singh Residence

Space Interface

For a multi-functional space such as a living room that doubles up as a family television room, like in this architect-designed home, couches that provide flexible seating are the best solution. The upholstered foot stools can double up as extra seats while entertaining guests or be joined to the sofas to convert into recliners for TV viewing.

Conversation Circle

Contemporary Interior Design Premdas Krishna Modern living room
Premdas Krishna

Contemporary Interior Design

Premdas Krishna

Circular or semi-circular seating is not only eye-catching, but also great for conversation as you can see everyone without having to crane your neck. They work well in small corners too, where they curve to provide more space in the passageway. When upholstered with rich silk, like in this home, it looks elegant too!

Plush but Washable

If you have young children at home, then instead of fabric couches, opt for leatherette. The surface can be wiped clean so you won’t have messy stains welcoming your guests. This type of couch is also extremely comfortable – perfect for curling up with a good book on a rainy day. Word of caution – don’t choose this if you have pets!

Floating seats

In a rustic home, such as this one, seats attached to the wall present an interesting design element. They are attractive yet comfortable. Paired with colourful cushions, the effect is cosy and lovely!


For a small home, couches that convert into beds are ideal for accommodating stay-over guests. Futons with foldable mattresses work well in this casual living room. They are comfortable to sit on and pull out easily to become beds at night.

Which of these couches would you vote as your favourite? For outdoor seating tips, view this ideabook.

Do you choose comfort or style when it comes to couches? Let us know which one you like the best by replying in the comments below?

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