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7 Stunning colour combinations for Indian living rooms

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If you were to spruce up just one room in your house, which one would it be? Chances are that it would be your living room. There’s no denying the fact that a living room is the show piece of a home – a place where you entertain guests or spend time bonding with your family. It’s only natural that you want it to be the best part of your home. 

Colour plays an important role in transforming a living room. It can help to brighten up a dull or dark space or give a tranquil vibe to a busy or cramped space. With help from an interior design professional, you can create the right look in your living room. We’ve picked 7 colourful living rooms to give you a few ideas.

Sea and Surf

If you like a soothing space that reminds you of the ocean or the seaside, the combination of white and dark blue is the best option. A common colour scheme in Mediterranean-themed homes, one look at this beautiful white and blue living room, and you too will be sold on the idea!

Sunshine and Earth

There’s no better colour than yellow for adding a cheery feel to a living room. Even a small patch of it does the trick, like in this living room. Tone it down with natural shades such as brown and green to create a sophisticated yet cosy space. Moreover, those who wish to separate the living from the kitchen can strategically use different colour combinations to create a clear demarcation while elevating the overall décor.

Apples and Oranges

If you look at a fruit bowl, the two colours that stand out are orange and red. These bright shades work well in living rooms too, especially if you want to infuse warmth in the area. If you are worried about the bold colours overpowering the rest of the room’s décor, you can always tone in down by combining it with plain white flooring or accents.

Pink and Purple

This is a classic Indian combination, which I’m sure you’ve admired on silk sarees. Why not replicate it in your living room for a stunning space that is guaranteed to leave an impression? If you think painting an entire wall shocking pink is a bit much, use pink and purple accessories such as carpets, cushion covers, throws and lamps to liven up a bland white or cream living room.

White and Gold

If it’s luxury that you want, the best way to create the look is to add elements of gold to the living room decor. If you aren’t comfortable with painting a wall or the furniture gold and desire a unique colour combination for rooms, opt for a few accents. See how the clever use of gold beams with ceiling lights at the end adds understated elegance to this professionally designed living room.

Leaves and Branches

Have you ever noticed how being surrounded by trees in a park calms you? Well, if you can’t take your living room to the park, you can use colours to replicate the ambiance of the park in your living room, like in this home where greens and browns help to create a serene vibe.

Red, White and Brown

Most modern living rooms follow the standard combination of white and brown. If you want to be different without losing out on modernity, introduce a bit of red. An upholstered seat in cherry red or a large wall painting with shades of red will completely transform the room from dull to bright.

Which of these colour combinations is the most stunning in your opinion? Browse through this ideabook for other interesting living room designs.

Other trendy colour combinations

Designed by professionals, here is another gorgeous colour combination for living rooms that can give them an unmatched appeal. Stemming from a neutral colour palette, both grey and white seamlessly complement each other, and at the same time, they assist in making the whole space look even larger. Along with light-grey used for upholstered furniture, several components also feature the dark tones of grey to lend a dramatic and mysterious character to the room.

If you wish to give an ultramodern and distinctive touch to your living room then these living room colors might be just the right choice. While the feature wall looks eye-catching in blue, the pink couch truly steals the show and assists in creating a chic ambience. Besides this bold colour combination for halls, the room also incorporates elegant colours such as white and gold to create a strong impressions on guests.

What colour combination would you use for your living room? Respond in the comments below.

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