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Treasure for television

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Watching television has become a favourite pastime of recent decades. It is a source of entertainment, education, news, sport, weather and current affairs. It can easily convey a message to the masses, it can make us laugh or cry, and inform us of what's going on in the world. Television is also a great way to wind down and relax after a hard day at work or on a lazy weekend lying on the couch, watching our favourite programs or sport. As we spend so much time in front of the T.V. it seems sensible to create a relaxing space, with comfortable couches and chairs, and undistracting decorations. The position of the T.V. in the room is of ample importance, as glare from windows will hinder the quality of viewing. Sound is also a big element to T.V, especially for watching movies. As home entertainment becomes ever popular, take the time to research the best T.V. and surround sound system. Change is as good as holiday, so don't be afraid to try new things in your lounge room. These examples of rooms for watching television are sure to inspire you to add a little feng shui to your space. Read on to see more.    


This large lounge space looks the ideal room for entertainment centred around the T.V. The grand coffee table is nicely framed by the white leather couches, which draw our eyes to the television. With an impressive speaker system to boot, this is a great space for watching films, or to invite friends over for a day of watching cricket! Mounting the T.V. to the wall further enhances the sleek modern design of the room.


No one can deny the beauty of this open plan home, the perfect place to come home to after a hard day at work. The bright lighting and colour scheme of the home is ever so inviting, welcoming its occupants through the front door. The large flat screen television sits perfectly at eye level for those on the couch, wall mounted with the often messy cords out of sight. The luxurious couch with chaise makes sure it would be hard to get up once you have settled in for a night of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

Make it a feature

In this wonderful lounge room from Bangalore interior design and decorating firm Floorspace, the T.V. has been made to feature in the space, mounted central to the glowing, yellow wall feature pictured. This room has been given real identity and character with the addition of the feature wall. Evoking positive thoughts of happiness, optimism and energy, it would be hard to feel down in this cosy and modern setting.


The positioning of the T.V, and its location regarding the windows of the room, is of optimal importance. Placing a T.V. directly opposite a large window is sure to strain your eyes and make take the pleasure out of watching T.V. When possible, place the T.V. on a wall adjacent to the windows, so not to hinder T.V.  viewing. This space form Source Architecture has the television positioned in the optimal spot for this room, and with the inclusion of large black-out curtains, no light will be allowed in when they are closed. Source Architecture have beautifully styled a number of homes, and we recommend you take a look at them here.

TV in bed

We have all fallen asleep watching T.V. before, so naturally, T.V. is a great way to help us switch off at night, and progressively drift off to sleep. A television in the bedroom can make us feel a little special, knowing we can lay up in the comfort and warmth of our own bed, watching our favourite programs to our heart's content.

TV at lunch

Television in an office lunch room is also a great place to relax and switch off for a moment. Quadrantz Consultants from Chennai are an interior design firm working on both residential and commercial projects, who chose to include a television in the lounge area for the senior executives of a Indian company. With such busy working days, a little bit of T.V. at lunch time is sure to improve employee morale and help recharge the batteries for an afternoon of productivity! Notice the use of a yellow wall in this space, also helping keep morale high and positive thoughts in the workplace.

Are you a t.v. lover? What do you enjoy watching the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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