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DUHESME, Géraldine Laferté Géraldine Laferté Scandinavian style kitchen
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In the early stages of a renovation, when your house looks like a 'before' picture, it can be hard to keep focused on your end goal. Sometimes it feels like that lovely space you're dreaming of might just remain a dream. The unexpected always happens in renovations, especially in properties that you've just acquired, and it can be hard to keep from getting frustrated and overwhelmed. But wait, there's hope! This unbelievable Paris apartment makeover, by architect Geraldine Laferté, will reignite your faith that even disaster properties can be stunning. This apartment was falling apart, literally, and as an extra challenge it's only 17 metres squared! This is exactly the kind of challenge that Laferté relishes and excels at, and her storage solutions for this project are jaw-dropping. Let's take a peek at exactly what condition the apartment was in, its eventual transformation, and restore your faith that even disaster properties can be completely turned around. 

Before: How Did It Even Get Like This?

As is often the case with under-loved property, we're not quite sure what kind of neglect happened here. That ugly checker-board floor and white tile speak to the last owner's reluctance to remodel. You might find it overwhelming to look at all of the work that needs to be done here. There's exposed piping, broken tiles, a missing mirror, and… is that black mould or water damage? It might seem insurmountable right now, but no matter the horrid state of the property an expert designer can envision something else. 

After: Clean and Cozy Kitchen

That 'something' is a sparkling gorgeous kitchen. The black and white theme is clean and modern, a huge leap forward from the dark past the space was stuck in before. The warm counter top and handles add a touch of cozy, as do the silver metallic fixtures and appliances. The designers could have gone with black or white appliances as well, but the extra textures add some dimension to the space. 

After: Another Kitchen Angle

This angle of the kitchen reveals even more modern elements, with the white theme continuing on the wall and cabinet. Also, the simple white chair is the epitome of minimalism, which is a great decorating style for small spaces that can't afford any clutter or busy designs. That's also why the radiator was disguised, the small space can't handle too many elements. You can barely see it on the right just under the window, and as a result it doesn't seem to take up any of that precious floor space. Overall, it's truly a space-saving kitchen. 

Before: Unlivable Living Room

Maybe this is a familiar sight? There's nothing quite as disappointing as peeling wallpaper, never mind a cluttered floor where work has yet to begin. If you're stuck in renovation land right now and are dealing with the added problem of old, ruined wallpaper try asking a wall paint and covering expert for their professional help removing the horrid stuff. 

After: Fresh and Warm Living Space

More simple black and white furniture has been used in the living room, to great effect. The table and chairs can be stacked under the couch so that the whole living room can be put away when you need the space. Another gem here is the wall storage. It's embedded into the wall, adding extra space to the apartment. And the wood finishing really keeps this living room looking warm and fresh. Alternating between covered shelves and open shelves also minimizes the effect of clutter on the space. Tucking away some of your storage can keep a room from feeling overwhelming, which is a top priority in such a small space. And the very best part of this room? There's no wallpaper. Anywhere. 

After: It's A Bedroom Too

Did you guess the big reveal already? That top wood panel pops down to reveal a bed! This is called a Murphy and it's doing double duty here creating a main bedroom and even a guest space if you wanted to make that couch a put-out. The use of the wooden ladder is ideal for small spaces too. It can be neatly propped up against a wall, as opposed to traditional stairs which would just take up too much room in this little apartment. Looking at this image, you'd never guess this space used to be an unorganized mess!

After: Brilliant Bed-side Storage

Without the room for a bedside table, this designer has made the bed's headboard/living room wall very functional! The little cupboards, with convenient pot lights for nighttime, are a great solution to this small space storage issue. That being said, our favourite detail in this shot is the little black lamp. If you love cute bedroom lighting as much as we do there are plenty of eclectic examples to be found on homify. Also, the patterned back drop in this room adds a touch of personality, making this space feel more like a bedroom from the vantage point of the bed. The pattern adds visual interest but still remains within the black and white theme of the apartment. This space has gone from train-wreck to a cute and clean abode. 

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