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How to Use Designer Door Skins to Make the Home Entrance Beautiful and Unique

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A unique door makes the home entrance more attractive, but most people go with standard designs considering the challenge of getting a custom design implemented to perfection. But now, the innovative designer door skins from Evolve India, a Mumbai-based interior products company, will leave you spoiled for choice. The range of door skins offered by the company is crafted using liquid metal and textured concrete finishes or coatings on an MDF base, allowing them to be quickly installed on any new or existing door, just as one would install laminates. Let’s look at some of the options in the product range to see how they can transform a home entrance and make it look like it belongs in a magazine.

Geometric lines

The door skins can be crafted in any design or theme with a liquid metal or decorative concrete finish. The Sunray door skin here features geometric patterns in a liquid metal copper finish on an MDF base.

An artistic touch

The designer door skins can also be finished in a more artistic style, like the hotel entrance seen here. The Arcadia door skin design combines a liquid metal copper and copper patina finish.

Varied metals

The metal finishes are not limited to copper and can include other metals. The Starburst door skin is an example. It has a liquid metal brass and gunmetal finish.

Another combination of liquid metal finishes is gunmetal and copper, like in the Crescent door skin.

Corten steel coating

Evolve India has the Meander door skin created in a liquid metal iron patina and gunmetal finish for a rustic rust finish without worrying about the colour eroding.

Custom design

The door skins from Evolve India can be customised according to a theme or the customer’s vision. This unique and spectacular liquid metal copper patina on a double door is a perfect example of making a bold statement at the home entrance.

Artisanal designs

Besides liquid metal finishes, textured concrete is another material used to create beautiful door skins, such as the intricate artisanal Floral Mesh door skin featured here.

Beautiful bronze coatings

Bronze is another metal that gives the entrance an elegant and rich look. The range includes liquid metal brass finishes, as seen in this Feather Bronze door skin.

Monochrome metal coatings

The Archae door skin is coated in liquid metal copper with delicate motifs. Like bronze, copper is another metal finish that adds splendour to the entrance.

Crackled effects

The wide range of designer door skins ensures one for almost every theme. The Crackle Brass door skin in liquid metal brass makes a stunning, modern statement.

Simplicity in textured concrete

The designer door skins aren’t all about glamour and splendour. The range includes simple designs to suit a specific theme. The Dome door skin design in a textured concrete finish is simple yet elegant.

Rustic style

Another option for a simple yet bold door skin design is Mattoni in a liquid gunmetal finish. It makes a stylish statement at this home entrance.

Abstract patterns

For those who love out-of-the-ordinary design, the Abstratto door skin in a liquid metal bronze finish is an excellent option.

Floral inspiration

A combination of decorative concrete and liquid metal finishes can create almost any design, such as the floral-inspired Florines door skin seen here.

Easy-to-install door skins

The best part of the designer door skins from Evolve India is they are easy to install, whether for commercial or residential entrances. The Pines design, seen here, was used to give a commercial entrance a chic upgrade.

All the designer door skins from Evolve India come in a standard 8 feet by 4 feet size mounted on MDF. They can be customised according to specifications. The company offers worldwide shipping. So, if you want to give your home entrance a quick revamp, all you need to do is contact the team.

Which designer door skin would you pick?

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