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What is a vape?

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A vape is basically a scented liquid called liquid that is heated to produce smoke. Because the liquid contains no nicotine, vapes are attracting attention as "definitely safer than iQOS or traditional cigarettes. This has attracted a lot of attention.

Another advantage of vape smoking is that there is no second-hand smoke or fire hazard, since the smoke is vapor.

Although vapes are still not well known in Japan, they are so popular overseas that artists, celebrities, and other entertainers use them, and they have even become a fashion item.

Recently, with the spread of iQOS, vape has been attracting more and more attention, and with the number of specialized vape stores increasing, it is certain to become a hot item in the future.

How is a vape structured?

Just to give you an idea of the general structure of a vape made by most of the vape manufacturers, most are assembled from three parts: the cartridge, the atomizer, and the battery. Some of them have a component called a "cartomizer," which is an atomizer and a cartridge all in one.

Cartridges are like filters in cigarettes. It contains a cotton-like substance inside which the liquid is soaked. It is important that the liquid be soaked into the cartridge sufficiently, so when smoking for the first time, be careful not to start smoking immediately after putting in the liquid. The liquid is then pumped into the atomizer, which is the source of the mist.

The "atomizer" is the device that atomizes the liquid. It vaporizes the liquid and is made up of an electric heating wire coil and a liquid supply system consisting of steel wool, wigs, and cotton. When energized, the coil heats up, vaporizing the liquid and producing a mist. Note that if the voltage is too high, a burnt taste is likely to occur. Too much heat tends to spoil the flavor of the liquid, and also increases the amount consumed.

The higher the output of the "battery," the more heat is generated and the more mist is produced, which means more liquid is consumed. There are two main types of batteries: 1) pen-type integrated batteries and 2) mods with removable batteries.

However, each type of e-cigarette is different, so please check the information on your vape or the vape you are thinking of purchasing carefully to make sure you are using the right one.

Can I quit smoking with an e-cigarette vape?

Everyone is probably wondering, Can I quit smoking with a vape? is probably the most common question on everyone's mind.

Vapes sold in Japan do not contain any nicotine, as it is prohibited by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. Therefore, it is possible to alleviate (cheat) only the behavioral addiction of "wanting to smoke," which is a withdrawal symptom of smoking.

Even so, it does not have a smoking cessation effect, so it cannot be said that you can absolutely quit smoking. However, it is believed to have a certain effect, such as distracting the smoker from the loneliness around the mouth.

Vape containing nicotine is also available overseas, and is said to be legally approved, but do not bring it into Japan, as it may cause trouble.

What is an electronic cigarette liquid?

Liquid is a scented liquid that is put into the vaporizer. The liquid is essential for producing vapor.

One of the reasons why vape vaping is so popular among women is the wide variety of flavors of nicotine salt eliquid available.

There are tobacco flavors, but there are also fruit and sweet flavors, and these seem to be the secret to their popularity among women. If you know someone nearby who uses a vape, by all means, give it a try!

Even if you don't smoke yourself, you will probably smell pretty good if you are around someone who does. Some of the flavors are a little different, such as Red Bull flavor and pudding flavor, and new flavors keep coming out, so you can keep enjoying them without getting bored.

Can vape save money over cigarettes?

The initial cost of an e-cigarette is about 5,000 to 10,000 yen, but assuming you continue to use it after that, it is very economical!

Even if you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, you will only consume about one liquid a month with an e-cigarette. Liquid is a flavored flavor, and depending on the product, the price of one bottle is about 1000 yen.

That's the cost of a cigarette in a couple of days, and an e-cigarette will last you about a month, so that's a pretty good deal!

If you want to know more detailed calculations, please refer to this article -> How long do e-cigarette liquids last? Saving money and cheaper than cigarettes?