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Yellow is one of the most universally loved colours. Long associated with the sun, it is a colour that instantly brings warmth, cheerfulness and thoughts of summer to a space. According to colour psychology, yellow is also mentally stimulating, inspiring thought, inquisitiveness and creativity. And yet, perhaps because home owners are afraid of creating a room that is too bright, yellow does not seem to appear in the home as often as it should. Since it boasts so many positive attributes, we at homify think that the colour yellow should play a larger role in interior design and decorating. Today, from our Indian experts, we bring you a selection of ways to use yellow in your home, so have a look and embrace the light!

Inspiring thought

Full Home Interior Latest Designs: modern Living room by Nimble Interiors
Nimble Interiors

Full Home Interior Latest Designs

Nimble Interiors

Since yellow is known to stimulate creative thought and other mental activity, one of the best rooms in which to use this colour is the office.  Kannur based firm Nimble Interiors chose a very bright yellow for this home work space, but, so that it would not overwhelm the space, used the colour wisely and sparingly, applying it only in some places instead of to the entire surface of the walls. The result is a space that feel open and sunny. We all occasionally find ourselves at a loss for inspiration and looking up from your computer to a bright, cheerful colour is sure to spark some ideas! 

Complimentary colours

Weekend Home: country Houses by  Ashleys

Weekend Home


This colourful living room was designed by interior decorators The Ashleys, who never shy away from using bright hues to create elegant, stylish rooms. Here, the yellow wall acts as a focal point to the room and creates a backdrop that allows accessories like the red painting and the bowls of yellow flowers can shine. The key here is the use of colours that work well with each other. The most striking pair of hues is, of course, the yellow and purple from the wall outside. Yellow and purple are opposite each other on the colour wheel, making them complimentary colours that will always look good together. 

A bright salon

Lighting in a salon, is of course, very important. It must be bright, so that the stylist can see all the fine details, but also stylish. For the interior design of Envi Salon, The Blue Lane Designs from Mumbai chose to line the wall before the mirrors with layered yellow lights in different shades. The result is modern and bright. 

Happy preschool

Yellow is also a great colour for decorating children's spaces,  since it encourages the development of knowledge and creates a happy, cheerful atmosphere. This preschool, designed by Anna Interiors, makes use of these attributes by featuring a cheerful, yellow wall playfully painted with a mural featuring animals. With a space this sunny, you can be sure the kids will love going to school! 

A comfy couch

architectural and interior photography:   by satyam dave photography
satyam dave photography

architectural and interior photography

satyam dave photography

This living room, photographed here by Satyam Dave Photography, features a stunning yellow sofa that is the highlight of the room. Its colour, combined with the large size and velvet texture make for a very inviting, comfy couch. In addition, the yellow in this room has been paired with a deep, chocolatey brown, for a sophisticated colour combination. 

Yellow accesories

Kitchen Line:   by nigiluday

Kitchen Line


An easy and effective way to add yellow to your home is through accessorising, as we can see in this kitchen by Silver Spot. Here, the simple black and white of the cabinets and floor provide a blank canvas for the home owner to fill in with colourful accents.  The bright yellow of objects like the vase and glass plate and bowls add a bit of style and interest to the kitchen. Best of all, this is a look that is easily customisable, allowing you to switch colour schemes with the changing seasons or trends. 

Adding accents

modern Living room by homify

Dazzling Chartreuse Megenta Flower Cushion Cover


If you are not sure you love the colour yellow enough to dedicate a whole room to it, you cans till add it as an accent through items like this throw pillow by Fatfatiya Design. Its dazzling colour combination is sure to lighten up any living room, bedroom or even kitchen. 

What do you think of decorating with yellow? Let us know in the comments!
modern Houses by Casas inHAUS

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