9 ways to incorporate a bathroom into the bedroom

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The idea of incorporating a bathroom into your bedroom might seem like sheer indulgence to some. But for others it sounds like a potential nightmare! After all, most of us love our privacy and no matter how close we may feel to our partners, sometimes we don't want to share absolutely everything with them. Others may be concerned about the potential for water damage, taking up bedroom floor space or sleeping in a room with high levels of condensation. 

But what if there was a way to incorporate a bathroom into the bedroom in a smart way? Well, here at homify we have gathered up 9 examples that got us thinking about the ensuite bathroom in a new way. Come with us to check them out!

1. A dividing wall for privacy

The pristine fresh feel of white bathroom decor overflows beautifully into this all-white bedroom. The bathtub is set beside the bed and the wash basin and other amenities are perfectly hidden behind a free-standing wall.

2. A window seat barrier to the bathroom

This bathroom by designer Susanna Cots has been separated from the bedroom by window seat. The walls may be made of transparent glass, but the cosy little corner creates the perfect buffer between the two spaces.

3. Free-standing unit behind the headboard

This decadent wooden bedroom has a very private bathroom set just behind the headboard. It is a free-standing unit with its own separate air ventilation unit. It also offers all the convenience of a bathroom in the bedroom without sacrificing any of the privacy.

4. A platform bath

This master bedroom has an utterly luxurious ambience. The bed has been set on a sleeping platform and the elevated height creates the perfect space for a sunken bath. Note how the bath has been separated from the sleeping area with a clear glass screen.

5. A simple approach

Bedroom bathrooms don't need to be large, overly complicated or luxurious. This master bedroom is located in a rustic holiday cabin. The bath is just separated by a simple doorway and walkway. It is the most straightforward approach we have seen so far!

6. A bathroom with glass walls

The latest trend is to separate the spaces with glass walls. They limit the potential for water issues, while allowing the bathroom to feel like an integral part of the bedroom decor. In this bedroom, they also allow the natural illumination from the bathroom window to flow into the sleeping area.

7. Bathroom flooring options

One of the most important practical issues to consider is the flooring material. Wooden floors can be problematic unless they are well treated. A concrete floor like this is a much better option. It allows one to place a free-standing bathtub rather close to the sleeping area without running the danger of water damage.

8. A sunken tub and shower screen

Not all of us have the space for a large free-standing bathtub. So a simple sunken spa-bath is another good option. See how the spa bath has been separated from the bedroom with a simple shower screen. It barely takes up any space at all! It's also very private.

9. Bathtub options for smaller spaces

Master bedrooms may have that little bit of extra floor space, but many people are still wary of making their bedroom feel smaller. This industrial-style bedroom shows just how well this look can work with a long and narrow bedroom design. It helps of course that the bathroom has glass walls and a ceiling light for extra illumination!

If you are considering a bathroom in the bedroom, it might be good to brush up on a few basics of ventilation. 10 easy ways to better ventilate your home is sure to help!

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