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Before and after: a home goes from drab to fab!

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Modern living room by Germano de Castro Pinheiro, Lda Modern
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In today's tour, we would like to present to you some before and after pictures of an old, outdated flat which has been magically transformed into a stylish modern apartment. We will soon see how this transformation takes place in every room of the house from the kitchen to the bedroom. Renovating a house is like breathing new life into an old house, and seeing the transformations can give us a new perspective on interior design, architecture, and ourselves as well. Since people change, it is not surprising that they want their houses to change with them. After all the house is an extension of one's self. Your personality is reflected in the way your house is designed and decorated. Therefore, renovating the house is also like beginning a new chapter in your life.

Before the renovation, the house was constricted in terms of both size and style. However, the brilliant design team, Germano de Castro Pinheiro based in Portugal, ignored the constraints posed by the building and designed a stunning modern décor that offers the owners a desirable lifestyle that meets their every need. The result is a refreshing, light and airy space that has grasped its metamorphosis with both hands and really embraced change. We hope you will find some inspiration for your home through this tour. Let's have a look at this beautiful metamorphosis shall we? 

Before: a cold living room

Here, we can see that an old fireplace is the focal point of this living room. However, the old fireplace does nothing to warm up the living room as it is in an apartment building anyway. Furthermore, the tiling on the floor and the absence of textures and proper lighting make this space into a cold, uninviting living room. 

Thankfully, the design team have worked their magic on this old apartment and turned it into something truly warm and incredible.  Let's have a look at the magical transformation of the living room.

After: a warm and welcoming living room

As you can see, the fireplace still remains but it has been transformed into a sleek, new, modern fireplace, more fitting for the contemporary style this living room is dressed up in. However, remnants of the old style still remain, for example, the classic wooden trunk that is used as a side table next to the couch. 

The cold tiled flooring has been replaced with wooden flooring, giving the living room a warmer feel. Carpets and rugs on the floor plus sophisticated lighting with proper lampshades make this living more welcoming than it was before.

Before: a dark kitchen

Before, it was a dull, lifeless kitchen with with an outdated style. The patterned tiles on the wall and the brown hues used in the kitchen are totally out of style today. This kitchen is certainly not a place that anybody would want to spend their time improving their culinary skills. The space feels tight and overwhelming, with the clunky cabinets and fridge sticking out.

Browse through modern kitchen designs here on homify to make a good comparison of the outdated kitchen design pictured here with the new style of kitchens that are currently popular.  You will probably notice that all white kitchens are extremely fashionable these days. Kitchens with splashes of bright color are also gaining popularity. Let's have a look at this kitchen after the renovation shall we?

After: a vibrant white kitchen

The transformation is simply magical isn't it? Now the whole kitchen is white and vibrant, giving it a modern, stylish look which is popular today. There is more storage in the kitchen, and even a television has been added. 

The shiny, sleek black kitchen counter tops create a nice contrast with the all-white kitchen. While the all-white kitchen makes the space appear larger and brighter, creating a fresh looking vibrant kitchen.

Before: an out of style bedroom

The bedroom pictured here looks like it comes from another era. We can clearly see from the design of the bed, side table, lamp, and dressing table that this room has been neglected for way too long. Just as person who doesn't take the effort to dress up can look a bit unkempt, so can a bedroom as well. 

Let's see how this out of time, out of style bedroom has been revamped for our modern times.

After: a modern bedroom

Pictured here, we see a modern bedroom with clean straight lines instead of the curvy shapes we saw in the old style bedroom before. The design of the bed is completely different—it has a leather headboard instead of a shapely wooden frame. In addition to that, the side table and lamp look sleek and elegant, and represent our modern times better. 

Finally, let's take a look at the dramatic changes the bathroom went through.

Before: a cramped bathroom

Before, it was a cramped, small bathroom. The dark brown tiles, and the layout of the bathroom made the bathroom look even smaller. Even the shower curtains didn't match the color combination in the bathroom and the whole bathroom looked quite out of place.

Let's have a look at the bathroom after the metamorphosis.

After: a spacious, sleek bathroom

Pictured here, we see how the small, ugly caterpillar has transformed into a big beautiful butterfly. What used to be a cramped, small bathroom has spread its wings and is now more spacious. The all white color and the changed layout of the bathroom helps a great deal in making the space appear larger. Now, the shower area is well defined, and the mirrors near the sink area help to give the illusion of a bigger space. The sleek design of the sink area and shower room fit in well with the contemporary style of this bathroom.This bathroom is now a space you won't want to leave in a hurry. 

We hope you've found some new inspiration and ideas from the before and after pictures of this apartment in Portugal. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at paradise in the mountains: a magical family home.

What do you like most about this home renovation project? Please share with us in the comments section below. 
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