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A small rustic home with a big heart!

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Although many modern building materials win out over wood when it comes to longevity and safety if the dreaded were to happen and a fire breaks out, wood is incredibly sound-proof, durable and resistant to a wide range of temperatures – its perfect for the Spanish climate where this prototype home by House Habitat is located. And, in the end we have to admit there's nothing better than the rustic charm of a creative, warm wooden house when you need a place to kick back and relax!

A home for those who like the simpler things in life

House Habitat's Piera is simple and compact, and we like it this way whether or not we have sustainable architecture in mind. Inside, a floorplan on the smaller side of things is given ample room to breath while outside an emerald lawn and turquoise swimming pool adds a touch of class to an abode that otherwise speaks little but modesty and quiet freedom. 

Whether you're a beach bum or ski bunny

The Piera house by House Habitat is designed for those who like the simpler things in life and space to simply chill. It wants to be both a ski lodge or Alpine chalet and a beachside crib or forest cabin all at once – and that suits us just fine. Making use of the full height of the roof, this rustic living room with built-in wood-burning stove speaks carefree spirits.

All about bioclimatic architecture

House Habitat's Piera makes use of bioclimatic architectural principles, taking of advantage of (sustainably-sourced) timber's natural thermal regulation properties to build a home that is well-insulated against sounds and extremes of temperature. Whether you're by the fire in winter or here in the kitchen trying to escape the heat, this house will help. 

Cradled to sleep

Wooden walls and floors feature throughout the house, including here in one of the bedrooms where the rustic aesthetic's relaxing influence turns plain seductive, lulling you to sleep in a room that will keep a hint of recently carpentered timber for some time. 

If not the beach, then the pool

Stepping outside it's clear that at this site in Catalonia, the beach is far more in mind than the snow. Here, the affordable and energy-efficient home – note the solar panel array on the roof – is graced by a lovely backyard swimming pool. 

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