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Lighting is a crucial element to any facet of our home. It determines how we see things. Different rooms call for different kinds of lighting and different lighting levels. Light produced naturally from the sun is seen as the prime form of lighting, but of course sunlight can not always be present. Rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen demand more light, as this is where we prepare ourselves and our meals. Lighting in the bedroom is needed for things like reading, and large windows are great for helping us wake up with the natural sunlight. Whichever corner of the home you consider, lighting is always at the forefront of designers' and interior decorators' minds. From ceiling lights and natural light to light as works of art, these amazing lighting examples from our Indian experts might shine some light on the illumination situation in your home.

Natural light

Natural light is seen as the optimal lighting option and is hard to recreate. Skylights allow a home to be drenched in light, regardless of how strong the sun might be. They have regained much popularity in recent years due to their energy saving properties, allowing for reduced power bills and a reduction in environmental impact. All positive reasons more natural light should be considered in any home. Ashwin Architects have harnessed the strength of natural light in this property, installing a large skylight and allowing light to flow freely across both levels of the property. Circular metal beams were added for texture and to blend with the rounded wall running from the ceiling to the ground floor. To view the rest of this project and other from Ashwin Architects, click here.

Light pods

This beautifully clean and modern lounge room concept was conceived by interior architects De Panache from Bangalore. The proposed living room is set to include a rich Italian white leather, blending seamlessly with its surrounds. In keeping with the muted tone will be the solid oakwood chairs, each carved from a single piece of timber. The timber chairs and the stone-like pattern on the feature wall represent an organic theme for the room, accentuated even further by the hanging lights, looking like a tulip flower yet to blossom. The closed flower ensures only a subtle amount of light is excreted from the fitting, which is made from banana fibre, a completely sustainable natural material. Extra sources of light come from globes hidden in the facades of the ceiling and the wall, perfectly framing the all white setting.

Light art

A light installation serving a more artful purpose than a functional one, these hanging lights from Legend Designers are a true example of the beauty light holds. Spheres of light hang gracefully from the sloping staircase above, with each bulb hanging at different angles and at different heights to create a stunning work of art fit for any gallery.

Mood lighting

A dark bedroom such as this example is going to be the perfect place for a great night's rest, with blackout curtains ensuring no light pollution enters the room. Nature in my life know to the perfectly style a bedroom setting, with this prime example showcasing the impact lighting can have on mood and create a cosy, romantic atmosphere.

Checkers, anyone?

This bold and colourful light creation shows us in an entirely different way how light can be used as a decorative element that stands out as a feature in a room. The glow of the bulbs tucked in amongst the shelving unit helps almost remind us of a chess or checkers board.

Lighting in business

Lighting in commercial spaces is obviously just as crucial as in the home. No business is in any way inviting, without the smart use of lighting specific to the type of commercial property involved. In an office environment, modern and well lit spaces are the designs of choice. In a boardroom such as this, potential clients and guests are going to feel comfortable and ready to do business.


A smart use of natural light in an environment where nature takes centre stage, the Oryza day spa built by Balan & Nambisan Architects perfectly demonstrates the harmony that the sun can create. Relaxing in this spa, surrounded by the invigorating scents of nature and watching the beam of sunlight slowly shift as the sun rises or sets is sure to send you into a relaxing state, the exact feeling this business aims for.

Mood lighting

Lighting in a lounge bar is just as important as music and the drinks themselves, as it sets the visual tone of the space. Characterised by colour-changing led lights, the lights in this bar can be dimmed or brightened, and the ability to change the colour can directly effect the mood of patrons as the night progresses.

Majestic Rajasthan

Pictured here is the stunning 1.5 acre property 'RAAS', set in the heart of Rajasthan, sitting directly below the base of the Mehrangarh fort. The lavish hotel consists of 36 rooms spread across 3 contemporary buildings. Surrounding the site are the ancient buildings of the city, which at night act as lanterns, beautifully framing RAAS and the Mehrangarh fort. The landscapers wanted to make sure the allure of the property was not lost at night, therefore garden and pool lighting was carefully planned and executed to great effect. Designed by Studio Lotus, this boutique is sure to wow guests from around the world. To take a full tour of the property, click here.

How have you used lighting to great effect in your home? Let us know in the comments section below.

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