10 Best Small Bathroom Designs For Indian Homes

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Small bathrooms are a common feature in most Indian apartments. Sometimes, they can seem uncomfortably cramped to the extent that you feel you don’t have elbow room or space for turning around without bumping into something. However, you can maximize the available space through clever design.

Take a look at these 10 attractive bathrooms that have managed to win hearts despite being small.

Kaleidoscope of Colour

Open the door to this small bathroom, and you might just miss crashing into the basin. However, with the clever use of a full-length wall mirror in the shower area opposite the door and narrow vertical tiles in a myriad of colours, it appears larger than it is. The overall look is modern. Don’t miss the stunning pebble-basin!

Turkish Bath

This small bathroom is pretty as a picture! A part of a Mediterranean inspired home in Mumbai, it uses colour and patterns to distract from the lack of space. A dark blue wall contrasted by a lovely white framed mirror, a combination of plain white tiles mixed with beautiful floral tiles in white, blue and yellow, and the exquisite blue hanging lamps give it a distinctly Turkish feel.

Smart Modern

The use of dark blue walls adds depth to this small bathroom, while large white tiles on the floor and walls provide contrast and brighten up the area. The location of the built-in countertop basin with storage gives a sense of spaciousness. The tiled mosaic panel along the wall is almost like a piece of art.

Rustic Beauty

What this bathroom lacks in size, it more than makes up for with ample natural light that shines in through the transparent roof tiles. Earthy shades of grey and brown contrasted by white add to its beauty.

Monochrome Magic

If you can’t do without a bathtub even in a small bathroom, then a suitable distraction like this spectacular melange of black and white patterned tiles can create an ambiance of cosiness and distract the senses from thinking that it’s crowded.

Urban Country

The use of wood and stone in the flooring and countertops gives this small bathroom a countryside feel, taking the focus away from its small size and creating a sense of spaciousness.

Chocolate Sandwich

The combination of chocolate brown and white gives this small bathroom a pleasing ambiance. The design makes perfect use of space with the placement of the basin, toilet and shower cubicle in three corners.

A Bit of Sunshine

This small bathroom has a rare skylight that brings in natural light and adds to the sense of space. Paired with lovely amber hanging lights that brighten up the room, it’s almost as if you have sunlight during the day and at night.

Textured Elegance

All-white bathrooms run the risk of being boring but this one cleverly uses textures to get past it. The beautiful fish-scale scalloped frame of the oval mirror and matching textured tiles in the shower area break the monotony.

Mosaic Marvel

The small bathroom in this beautiful penthouse uses a chequered pattern of black and white mosaic tiles to create an illusion of space. The result is modern and sophisticated.

So, have this helped you get ideas for redoing your small bathrooms to make them seem more spacious? This ideabook will give you a few more tips.

Do you have questions regarding designs that work for small bathrooms? Ask us in the comments section below.

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