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Bialystok is a major Polish tourist attraction, well known for the Biala River and its rich cultural history. The very urban landscape it fosters sits well with the days long gone, and we cannot help but marvel at the sights around us. So come and join us as we take a tour of a Mediterranean style home that enjoys sophisticated and classic design elements. This single family home, Decyma 5, has been designed by the prominent team of architects at Biuro Projektowe MTM Styl, and is replete with contemporary aesthetic inspirations. Everything about this property is sleek, fashionable, practical and lavish in an understated manner. So let’s take a closer look now.

Classic Lines and Sophisticated Modernity for the Entryway

The main entrance to the home follows a subtle school of design with the garage on one side and a solid square pillar on the other side. The door at the end is a modern and elegant rendition in grey and glass. The long corridor in marble makes for an understated, opulent vibe. Gravel, stone and shrubbery makes this a stylish space, with neat planters adding to the sense of symmetry.

Good Looks Up Front

The façade exudes typical Mediterranean charm with its red shingles on the low lying structure. Then, it takes on the contours of a retreat in the country, and allows lush greenery to line the landscape surrounding its pristine white walls. The landscaping near the building also shows off wooden and pebbled beds for the flowers. The diagonal placement of the two wings of the home is also apparent from this angle.

Cheery Elements for Outdoor Pleasures

The deck is a smooth stone affair that enjoys the company of retro style loungers with soft cushioned seating. The cheery yellow colour and the chrome legs make this spot charming and inviting. Wooden slats on the window and the abundance of greenery make it a comforting space where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book.

An Oasis in the Back Yard

The swimming pool in the back yard joins the deck and the greenery seamlessly with a play of stone and wood. The pool itself is a magical looking one that tempts you to a take a dip on summery afternoons. A cosy lounger sits beyond the wooden part of the deck, and encourages you to relax in the shade in between refreshing dips.

Wood and Metal

The glorious European sunshine and the beatific landscape hits you with its soothing grace as you take a leisurely stroll along the length of the wooden deck. Lush green plants watch over the entire scene from their glossy and smooth steel containers. The spotless steel planters themselves balance the organic and earthy appeal of the wooden planks, to create a restful atmosphere of sorts.

This home ushers in a happy summer vibe with its Mediterranean design even as classic and elegant elements find their place in the scheme of things. Wood, greenery, stone and steel have been allowed to dominate the scene in this laidback and luxurious property. Take another home tour to let your creative juices flow - An Exotic Gujarati Home Full Of Colour And Style.

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