5 Amazing flooring ideas for an Indian terrace!

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Those who have an open terrace know what a prized possession it is! An open terrace is the perfect place to relax after a long day at work, throw a party, or just enjoy a homely family lunch on a Sunday. However, an open terrace in India has to bear the sun, rain, smog and pollution. And often people end up choosing the wrong material for flooring on a terrace that doesn't last in all kinds of weather. If you want to make your terrace look interesting, but still want a durable option for flooring, here are 5 amazing ideas!

Mediterranean style tiles

Ordinary neutral pale tiles look boring. But tiles are a very easy to maintain option for an outdoor terrace. So if you are looking for tiles as a flooring, ditch the boring stuff and opt for some Mediterranean style tiles with interesting patterns. According to professionals, grey, blue and brown contrasting with white are the classic options, but you can also find Mediterranean style tiles in many other colours.


Yes you read that right. Concrete. Concrete is an extremely durable option. It is solid and sturdy, but it can also look very interesting if paired against bright metal furniture and lively plants, like in this terrace designed by P+0 ARQUITECTURA from México.


Stone is another sturdy option. Blocks of smoothened out stone like marble or slate can create a very unique flooring, like the one here in this space designed by MM NATURSTEIN GMBH. Opting for stone also means you can move away from traditional light coloured flooring to a striking dark coloured flooring for your terrace. To balance things out, opt for furniture in light colours if you are going for a dark stone flooring.


Gravel is an earthy option for flooring for your terrace, if you want something rustic and perhaps are interested in setting up a mini garden on your terrace. Make sure that there is proper drainage options below the gravel so that it stays well during the monsoons too. Wooden flooring is another great rustic option for terrace flooring, but it is not suited for an open terrace that receives a lot of rain.


The most modern and unusual option for an open terrace floor is rubber. Yes rubber flooring like the one here, can easily be installed without glue or screws and keeps not only the heat, but also the noise out! A terrace isn't complete unless it has the right sitting area, so now that you have found your perfect flooring, check out these 5 interesting chairs to find your perfect match!

Some other flooring options

Besides selecting tiles for terraces, a lot of people also use wood panels for the floor of their terrace. Although they might be a little expensive than the terrace tiles, they offer an unmatched elegance and a sense of warmth to the whole space. While there are many varieties of wood available in the market, hardwood is widely preferred due to its ability to withstand different weather conditions.

Another excellent alternative to roof floor tiles is artificial grass as it not only lends an aesthetic appeal but also can be used throughout the year, irrespective of the season. It makes the space look like a real terrace garden and does not require regular maintenance. In addition, just like the terrace floor tiles, it can handle rough weather, and is incredibly soft in nature. You can combine turf with other flooring materials such as wood and stone to make your terrace a perfect retreat.

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