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How to Use Indoor Plants to Boost the Interior Design of a Modern Office

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Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see indoor plants in offices. Most interior design professionals include a few air-purifying plants in the office to refresh the air. After all, the air-conditioning in modern office buildings creates an environment with sealed air, resulting in increased pollutants, often even more than outdoor air. Besides harmful mould and dust mites that circulate within the office air, toxins such as formaldehyde from cleaning agents and carbon monoxide are present in the air inside an office, posing a health hazard to the employees. Therefore, the placement of indoor air-purifying plants is an excellent solution for improving the air quality within the property. Moreover, exposure to greenery can also positively impact employees' mental health, reducing stress and enhancing creativity, thereby increasing productivity.

Choosing the ideal plants is essential to optimise the physical and mental benefits to the employees, and it requires the expertise of interior landscaping professionals to incorporate plants seamlessly into the office interior design. Let’s explore a project of Interioforest, a Pune-based Interior Landscape Design company, to understand how to make offices come alive with plants. The team firmly believes humans benefit from better physical and mental health when they connect with plants and employs the ideal combination of plants to enhance the work environment. They introduce indoor plants to provide glimpses of nature in an appealing and thoughtful manner to replicate the natural world's captivating beauty, delightfulness, and mysteriousness. 

Greenery at every desk

The professionals ensure every employee benefits from the positive vibes indoor plants add to the environment by placing one behind every desk. Arranging the plants where they get sufficient natural light is essential, and the Interioforest team achieve it by placing the plants near the glass windows.

Attractive décor for the reception

Indoor plants in flowerpots are placed on the windowsill behind the sofa at the reception to enhance the décor and provide relief from the view of the concrete buildings in the surroundings. A few raised plant stands hold the pots at a height to keep the floor clear, making daily cleaning easy.

Green layers

Planter boxes stand beside the workstations to surround the employees with greenery, connecting them to refreshing nature to uplift their mood. Once again, the planter boxes catch any dripping water or soil from the flowerpots, keeping the floor clean.

Privacy and purity

A row of pots with areca palms lines the passageway between the workstations and the glass walls in the reception, providing a natural green screen to keep the work desks private. Areca palms also have air purifying properties, helping refresh the indoor air and remove toxins from it.

Texture and patterns

Just as interior designers use materials and patterns to add texture to the décor, interior landscapers use plants with varied leaf shapes and patterns to add layers to the overall look. A philodendron makes a statement in the corner, while a smaller potted plant with variegated leaves adds life to a work desk.

A touch of wood

A potted Christmas tree is a lovely addition to the reception décor, its wood tree trunk contrasting the feathery leaf texture to provide relief and add colour to the furniture's sober grey and black tones.

Enhancing the display

In the meeting area, the landscape team has placed two flowerpots with trailing plants, adding movement and texture to the décor, besides infusing a connection with nature to relieve stress and fatigue. Placing the plant on the shelf behind the chair keeps the floor space free, allowing free movement.

As can be seen, the Interioforest team has chosen the perfect mix of indoor plants to add texture, colour, and movement to the interior décor. From broad-leaved philodendrons to sword-like snake plants, trailing vines, feathery-leaved pine, spider plants, and palms, the selection of plants eliminates monotony by introducing a range of textures to the environment. Besides, most of these indoor plants are fitting for modern offices as they are excellent air-purifiers and low-maintenance.

The team at Interioforest are proud ‘plantscapers’, focusing on adding beauty to urban landscapes with greenery. The firm offers a range of projects for residences and commercial spaces, including setting up green walls and indoor gardens. Customers benefit from hassle-free, end-to-end landscaping solutions, comprising planning, conceptualising, installing, and maintaining indoor plants and gardens.

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