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Characteristics and Design of Swift styler!

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Describe Swift Styler

The Swift Styler is a portable hair dryer that dries hair quickly and quietly while maintaining airflow and drying strength. It has similar technology, such as air intake on the handle and N-ion generation, to some hair dryers that cost $600 or more and has a similar appearance.

What is inside the box?

Manuals for Swift Styler Smooth Nozzle (English, German, Russian, Japanese)

Hardware specifications

Energy: 1600 W

Voltage: 110/220V (various voltage and plug types available)

10.9 x 2.8 x 3.5 inches in size (277 x 70 x 89 mm)

Net Weight: 407 g (for hair dryer body, without including cable) (for hair dryer body, not including cord)

Cord measurement: 5.9 feet (1.8 meters)

Characteristics and Design

Swift Styler features a modern, streamlined appearance. The exterior, which is made of a combination of plastic and metal—I'm assuming aluminum—feels high quality. Instead of directly through the business end, air is drawn in through a filter at the base of the handle.

Speaking of, the practical end is up there. The little ring of apertures is used to force air out. Strong and uniform airflow is the end effect. Magnetic attachments may be quickly snapped on and off thanks to a metal ring.

None of the buttons feel cheap. My standard expectation for buttons is that they should just function and not feel fragile. The bottom button alternates between Cool/Warm/Hot air modes, while the top button toggles between Off/Low/High.

An air filter at the base of the handle keeps dirt and hair from being drawn into the motor. Its cap is only kept on by magnets, but happily it has never come off while in use.

All hair dryers have built-in short-circuit protection to avoid electrocution. The cable feels sturdy; I have no concerns that it will fray and pose a threat.

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