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8 Essential Interior Design Features for Indian Homes

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Whether you are looking at setting up a new home or renovating an old one, viewing other homes in India can leave you confused! Should you opt for a traditional home with beautiful artefacts or minimalist interiors with few accessories?

Indeed, the varied design choices can leave you so flabbergasted that you forget the essentials! When it comes down to decision time, remember to choose convenience over beauty. After all, there’s no going back once it’s all complete, and you have to live with the interiors for a long time to come!

First things first

Singh Residence Space Interface Modern living room
Space Interface

Singh Residence

Space Interface

What’s life without a flat screen TV?! No Indian home is complete without one, but make sure you plan ahead about where to keep it. Make it the highlight of your living room like in this home, or mount it on the wall in your family room. Of course, the list of essentials differs from one person to another as individual needs vary. For more inspiration, view this ideabook for a checklist with the essentials for Indian homes.

Make A Great First Impression

entrance area ZERO9 Country style living room Amber/Gold

entrance area


Yes!! We Indians are always worried about first impressions! Keep this in mind while speaking to your architect or designer. Whether it’s an artistic foyer, a passageway leading to your living room, or an attractive main door, make sure that it’s stunning while also blending with the theme throughout the rest of the home.

Plan for a Pooja Room

If you want a designated space for Pooja, be sure to plan for it. You don’t want to remember about it only after you move in, and then have to make do with a corner of your dining area or a balcony for it. A Pooja room in a nook, like in this home, with a door that hides it away when it’s not in use, will work well even in a small apartment.

A Touch of Nature

Whether it’s building a vertical garden in a small balcony or incorporating indoor plants in an enclosed courtyard garden, greenery adds a relaxing feel to a home. If your urban unit doesn’t offer the space for it, at least try to get a few potted plants for the foyer or living room balcony.

There No Such Thing as Too Much Storage

master bedroom dressing room Hasta architects Modern dressing room
Hasta architects

master bedroom dressing room

Hasta architects

Consider how much storage you need for holding your belongings, whether it’s clothes, books, crockery or utensils, and then double the requirement if you want to live clutter-free. Otherwise, you will run out of storage space before you know it.

Add Colour to Your Floors

Living Room ZERO9 Country style living room

Living Room


Handwoven carpets, rugs and dhurries can add warmth to your home. Even if you use coloured flooring tiles, a carpet lifts the style quotient up by a notch. Get one that fits your design theme. In India, we have an ample choice of affordable carpets, so make the most of it!

Let There Be Light

Nothing beats natural light if you are fortunate enough to live in a spacious villa or an airy apartment. If you don’t, make sure you plan for sufficient light in dark areas. It also adds sophistication to the area like in this professionally designed dining room.

Clutter Free Kitchens




Most Indian homes are food driven, which means that the average kitchen has a range of utensils as well as equipment such as mixers, grinders, juicers and coffee makers. While planning your kitchen, talk to your designer and make sure you have a clever layout that provides storage space for all your gadgets and utensils, so that the counters are clutter-free and easy to clean.

What among your list of essentials have we not included? Answer in the comments below to let us know.
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