​8 Breathtaking and Inspiring Garden Hot Spots

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With the cold weather slowly but surely creeping in, one needs a bit of heat when it comes to exterior socialising these days. And what could be better than a crackling fire around which we (and the friends) can gather to get comfortably toasty? 

Whether it’s a braai or just a little get-together around an open fire, these 8 “hot spots” will definitely add the right ambience to any gathering this winter…

The exterior griller

Call it a barbeque or call it a braai, but exterior cooking is definitely one of our most favourite ways to socialise and entertain. Good weather, friends, and food are all that are needed – and, of course, an adequate braai, such as seen here.

Built-in surfaces allow for adequate storage and displaying purposes, and you know you can already see yourself standing in front of that sturdy stone surface, keeping an eye on that roasting piece of steak…

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The multi-functional option

We know that a well-balanced meal consists of so much more than just a piece of meat; additional decadence like veggies, potato dishes, and what not can also come into play to ensure a hearty and successful al fresco meal. 

So, to aid us in our exterior multitasking, why not consider this superb model above? With ample surfaces and rotating widgets, this modern creation is most definitely a viable contender for conjuring up an assortment of dishes at our next braai.

A much simpler option

Of course one does not need to resort to majestic creations and complicated mechanisms to enjoy a braai. A hearty fire is the most important element, which is exactly what this modern fire pit above presents. 

And in order for us to enjoy some meat roasting, all we need is a cleverly placed grill on top to make optimum use of those crackling flames. Easy does it!

The garden focal point

Having a model such as this in your garden will definitely ensure that all eyes are on it. Besides, there are no hard rules dictating what a braai or exterior fireplace needs to look like, which makes this wine barrel-inspired creation even more perfect for braai day.

The minimalist option

If you pride yourself on showing off a ‘less is more’ look at your home, then you can’t really resort to an intricately designed braai/fire pit, can you? In that case, may we suggest this minimalist model: a simple round-shaped piece of metal in a golden-brown tone, with adequate space for a crackling fire in the middle. Nothing less, and certainly nothing more!

The more, the merrier

Whether you resort to a classic braai or fire pit for your exterior socialising, you can’t ignore this spacious creation where everyone is entitled to a front-row seat of the show. Rustic stone and warm wood form the perfect backdrop for this al fresco fire spot – all that is required is a batch of good friends and the necessary grub.

The modern fire pit

Creative thinking has lead to an abundance of choices when it comes to just about anything, including fire pits. But you don’t need to resort to overtly embellished structures to enjoy a warm and cosy evening by the fire (grilled steak included or not). And this square-shaped, metal structure proves it – it offers up a convenient location where the friends can sit and enjoy some chattering while getting happily toasty, as we all know that magical ambience of the fire is the true star of any al fresco gathering.

A mobile option

If we can put a man on the moon, we can certainly change the location of where we want or need our fire spot to be. What could be easier than lifting and carrying that mobile fire pit to its desired spot (before lighting up that crackling fire, of course)?  

This little creation takes centre stage of this garden gathering, allowing its placement to become the hot spot (literally) around which the necessary elements (like seating, friends, wine, etc.) will congregate.  

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