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When you imagine your dream home, it's likely to have a home theatre or media room, complete with a pop-corn machine. Recreating the intensity of a cinema experience in your home is much easier in this age of technology. All you have to think about is how you want to use the space. Will it be a cosy and small nook to watch classics or an ultra-modern cave to entertain friends? Here is a little inspiration from homify to create your very own cinematic refuge.

Out of this world

With ceiling lights that evoke stars and sunset purple tints on the wall, this media room will have you hurtling into outer space for an adventure. Designed by New Wave AV, the angles of the loft create a futuristic space. Add a metal table and a colourful comfy couch and you'll forget you are on planet Earth. If your media room has odd angles, bear in mind the acoustics before you transform the space.

Cinematic experience in an apartment

You don't need a big house to create a media room that's the envy of your neighbours. Interior designers from The Design Practice by UBER created this masterpiece in a small but luxurious flat that overlooks the grounds of Manchester United FC. A custom-made wall panel hides incredible speakers and a 50’ TV. If the occasion calls for more involved viewing the cinema appears from a discrete slit in the celling.

Exude elegance

In any home theater, you need to be aware of the quality of sound and the amount of sound thundering from the room. You don't want to disturb the neighbors so soundproof the room as much as possible. This media room designed by Mille Couleurs uses upholstered panels to achieve that. It's also a clever way to give the space a plush and luxurious feel.

Curtain call

If you have windows in your movie room, you'll have to cover them to block out light. Room-darkening shades are a great option, especially combined with standard curtains. Alternatively, you can purchase heavier curtains that are lined to keep out light.

Switch the mood

Finite Solutions transform this unused basement into an entertainment hub that could be used both for watching movies on the big screen and socialising with friends and family. 

Key to the design was transforming the chillout area into a cinema with surround sound at the flick of a switch. The genius solution: the screen and projector are tucked away in the ceiling and lower down. With the help of smart lighting solutions, you can set the mood to best savour a mushy romantic comedy or bone-chilling horror film.

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