7 Beautiful ways to have a rustic kitchen

Rita Deo Rita Deo
SULLE COLLINE REGGIANE, ADS Studio di Architettura ADS Studio di Architettura Rustic style kitchen
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Kitchens have been popular socializing areas for families since time immemorial and though living rooms have taken away a little bit of their importance, they are considered as more of entertainment zones. Kitchens are places where families and friends discuss personal matters and recipes during conversations as meals are prepared and served. The charming aura of rustic kitchen with large ovens, stone counters and wooden tables with chairs around the warm hearth is still visible in countryside. Today with modern technology you can bring the same touches of an earthy rustic kitchen to a city home. Here are 7 clever ways to bring earthy charm of rustic kitchens to your home.

Innovative mix of old and new

Not all rustic kitchens are dark and gloomy as most people believe. A right mix of colors and textures can make even the tiniest of windowless kitchens look bright and cheerful. Here we see a lovely mix of light toned timber, white laminate and lavender coloured walls bringing joy and charm to this kitchen. Unpainted timber cabinets provide the ideal rustic touch to the kitchen and can easily fit into modern atmosphere of laminated surfaces and electrical gadgets.  

Charming creation in wood

Country kitchens are characterized by large windows and this kitchen too has a large window framed by an artistic wooden design similar to the door which opens out into the backyard. Dark mahogany cabinets and door frames make a striking contrast against natural stone counters and colorful ceramic tile back-splash. 

Beauty of stone

Architect Marcello Gavioli’s mastery over combination of old and new designs, textures and materials is visible in this beautiful restored kitchen. The charming texture of original stone walls is visible in between plastered surfaces on the wall and the back-splash region that looks perfectly in place with the modern cooking range and electrical gadgets. 

Country touch

This Mediterranean style kitchen has typical characteristics of large windows, neutral colors in the background and open spaces in the center that allow free flow of natural air and light around the area. The most enchanting features of this beautiful kitchen are the colourful ceramic tiles and a wide variety of woven baskets that up the rustic quotient.

Metal and earth

Adopting the earthy rustic look in a kitchen is not an easy task and one needs to get the right mix of utensils, gadgets and other small implements to create a more personal touch. An aesthetic combination of brass or copper kitchen vessels and earthen jars against the background of faded wall paper that complement each other bring harmony of colors and textures in the kitchen.

Spacious elegance

Pretty ceramic tiles in different designs and colors make this kitchen a warm and fun place to be with dark oak vintage kitchen island and chairs. An Eye catching combination of ceramic chandeliers held together with a artistic wire network and small recessed lights in the ceiling add an elegant touch to the kitchen ruled by combination of light and dark colors.

Glowing charm

A beautiful combination of a light toned roof and floor tiles, along with dark wooden beams add to the colorful charm of this kitchen decorated in rustic style with a stone counter. Single light reminiscent of old country kitchens keeps the kitchen bright in partnership with wall sconces, while large windows bring in natural light through the day. Soft touches like ceramic jars, colorful flowers in glasses of water and wicker baskets with fruits and cookies add to the rustic touch. For more creative ideas on adopting rustic makeover read modern rustic kitchens.

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