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7 smart ideas to make a small garden look bigger

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MUBARAK ALI RESIDENCE Muraliarchitects Modern garden
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If there’s anything that helps to make a home more beautiful, it’s a garden. Whether it’s a central courtyard with greenery, a balcony with potted plants or a narrow strip of grass at the side of a villa, a garden is considered a premium feature as it presents an area where you can step out to lift your spirits or calm yourself.

Having a home with a large garden is a dream that not everyone is lucky to be blessed with. Take heart! We’ve compiled 7 smart ideas that will help you make even a small garden look bigger than it is.

Green Canopy

Rooftop Garden ariel view The White Room Mediterranean style garden Concrete White
The White Room

Rooftop Garden ariel view

The White Room

What do you do when your terrace isn’t spacious enough to have a big garden? Add another level in the form of a free-flowing canopy. This Mediterranean style sculpted design in Mumbai gradually elevates from the terrace to become a green roof with a lush lawn. Creepers with flowers trailing over the edge create a pretty picture for the lower level. Trees in planters, lily ponds and tree-stump concrete stools on the grass make this garden as relaxing as it is stunning.

Hedge Screen

A Luxirious Thatched Villa iammies Landscapes Mediterranean style garden
iammies Landscapes

A Luxirious Thatched Villa

iammies Landscapes

For villas or townhouses in a beautifully landscaped gated community, the easiest way to make your garden visually expand is to have taller plants bordering the veranda. They block out the driveways just outside but provide views of the surrounding greenery from over the top of the border plants, giving the impression of a large borderless garden.

Layer It Up

A narrow garden area at the side of a home can be made to look longer than it is by planting a lawn in the centre bordered by shorter shrubs at the front that increase in height gradually as they reach the far end. The same rule follows for accessories used in the garden. Smaller statues or pots in front and taller planters or sculptures at the back deceive the eyes into believing it’s a long stretch of greenery.

Twisting Pathways

MUBARAK ALI RESIDENCE Muraliarchitects Modern garden



A garden or green area bordering the entryway to a home can be made to look larger than it is by twisting or turning the pathway rather than having a straight one. Bordering the pathway with a shorter hedge in front and taller trees or bamboo at the back also give the impression of spaciousness.

Green Walls

AIS Designs


AIS Designs

In penthouse or rooftop gardens, a green wall is the simplest way to create the feeling of a bigger space. Like in this professionally designed garden, you can use visual trickery with stepping stones that increase in size from small to large help to create the illusion of a larger space.

Tiered Greens

Having two or three different tiers in a courtyard garden can make the area look larger than it is. Create a greater difference in heights by planting taller trees in the higher tier and smaller ones at the lower level to expand the space visually. To make the comparison more pronounced, use the same type of tree in both levels.

Go Vertical

Balcony makeover - English Studio Earthbox Country style balcony, veranda & terrace
Studio Earthbox

Balcony makeover—English

Studio Earthbox

This is a great option, especially for tiny balcony gardens, where the restriction in floor space can make the area seem too crammed. Using railing planters, raised planter beds of varied heights and trellises for creepers and vines help in adding more greenery and making the small garden seem larger. Which of these ideas would work perfectly in your garden? For more ideas on planning garden spaces, check this ideabook.

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