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How the Designers Transformed a Retail Destination into a favourite Social Hub in Indrapuram

IHC, Indrapuram, FYD Interiors Pvt. Ltd FYD Interiors Pvt. Ltd Commercial spaces
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IHC, Indrapuram is a beautifully designed retail destination in Delhi NCR for people of all age groups, whether it's for shopping or a hang-out place to unwind at weekends or weekdays. The lush landscaping framed by the dynamic backdrop of contemporary architecture of the centre with lots of open space is conceptualized to blend with the hustle-bustle of fast-track city life. The professional team of FYD INTERIORS PVT. LTD., the interior designers and decorators firm based in Noida specializing in commercial and hospitality interior design, has created a world-class experience in the retail destination. The creative commercial space is designed with sufficient moving space in and around the complex. The exquisite design of the commercial centre, which is also Ghaziabad's popular social hub, has everything, from the high-end shopping experience to sit-out joints and a place to relax. It has a perfect aura for modern socialites.

Majestic Exterior

The elegant façade introduces the contemporary architecture of the retail destination with elan. Sufficient moving space around, the vast open space and the big screen in the open area build up a perfect ambience to please the visitors. The lush landscaping is framed by the dynamic backdrop of the building with colossal glass walls, majestic ceilings and tensile roof structures that elevate the attraction of the commercial complex.

Luxuriously Gleaming Façade

The bright and colourful LED display lights, the lights inside the store and the ones reflecting on the floor build a gleaming façade, creating a perfect aura for modern socialites in the evening. The flooring patterns created through the tile work and the light on it complete the look of the gleaming façade.

Extravagant Entrance

The contemporary architecture of the commercial complex is verified by class and defined by style. Ample walking space and sufficient moving space in and around the complex are the main USP of the complex. The wide fronted area and street-level entrance also have multiple entrances around the complex with top-notch services. The water fountains at the entrance driveway are a major attraction at the entrance, with lights shining all around.

A Walk to Remember

It’s a walk into the hotel lobby that leaves a memorable impression. The lobby design creates a visually clean and crisp environment with its modern minimalist feel. The patterns created on the roof with lights, the wood cladding on the wall, the columns covered with intricate woodwork and the beautiful plants in elegant planters lining up the lobby elevate the décor making the space more inviting.

The grandeur of the Grand Lobby

Decorative column design as a featured element with intricate carving decorates the lobby adding to its grandeur. The golden patterns on ivory walls create a luxurious aura of a warm welcome. The brass work murals framed in the thick wood on the wall build up a visual art gallery. The lightwork on the ceiling and the planters with plants adorn the grand lobby. Everything merges flawlessly to style the grand lobby.  

Luxurious Club Suites

The guests deserve top-notch service, so the designers have designed luxurious club suites that are in sync with the philosophy of the grandness of décor. Each of the luxurious club suites is equipped with world-class amenities. The suites are designed where everything truly remains at your service and within reach for utmost comfort. The suite has a comfortable bed with elegant back panelling, chest drawers on the sides, bed lamps, and a modern sofa with a coffee table that creates a sitting area and ensures comfort for the guests.

Delightful Wall Décor of the Luxurious Suites

The wall décor of the suites enhances the luxury of the décor by creating a visual art gallery. The luxurious touch of gold and ivory wallpaper on the wall and the splash of colour added through the three colourful wall photographs and a large mural elevates the elegance of the décor. The luxury of the elegant décor is finished off with beautiful lamps adorning the luxurious club suites.  

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