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Building a home remains an elusive dream for many among us. We’ve all envisaged, designed and embellished our dream houses in our minds since childhood. If you think that beautiful houses are reserved only for the rich and famous, you may want to think again! Check out these 7 amazing homes in India that cost less than 20 lakhs and ooze elegance, style and verve.

Royal to the last detail

The beauty of a house is not predicated upon how many square feet it is built upon as even a mid-sized 1000 sq ft house design for middle class families, like this one, looks elegant. Compact houses with one or two bedrooms embellished by efficient storage are in vogue these days. Glamorize the ambience of your house with glass windows, crafty doors and matching shutters. Enriched by ample parking space, these homes are an excellent find for those looking for low budget residential properties.

A Home that shines like new

Dr Rafique Mawani's Residence M B M architects Minimalist houses
M B M architects

Dr Rafique Mawani's Residence

M B M architects

Who wouldn’t want to be a proud owner of a beautifully designed home replete with enviable first-class amenities? Contrary to popular notion, aesthetically pleasing houses can be cradled within small plots as well. Adding details like strategically placed wooden partitions, flower pots or even a lightweight staircase within the house to connect it to the first floor lends an element of class and spaciousness. Choose attractive exterior colours, designer gates and nestle a small garden space at the entrance of your house to lend a bucolic charm to your sweet haven.

A sophisticated two storey home

A house complete with a pretty little balcony is always an eye-catcher, especially if it offers stunning, picturesque views. Well-designed two storey houses don’t always need a massive property; they can be built on an area as compact as 800 square feet.

Spruce up your house by crafting large glass windows and doors in conjunction with picture-perfect exterior wall tiles. Add a cosy coffee corner in your balcony, or place a few plants to enliven the area; there are options galore for you to embrace. Checkout some balcony designs for inspiration here.

Home with a touch of greenery

Weekend Home Ashleys Bungalows

Weekend Home


Traditional Indian houses tend to offer a lot of advantages. One doesn’t have to spend exorbitantly on expensive tiles, fixtures or doors. Embrace, uncover and become one with nature by experiencing an interior garden and a wide open space that implores you to marvel at the sheer enormity of the sky above. Lend a touch of elegance with the help of experienced interior architects to add suitable garden accessories and attractive furniture.

A home with irresistible charm

SADHWANI BUNGALOW 1 Square Designs Modern houses
1 Square Designs


1 Square Designs

An exterior wall with natural stone works like magic. They make your home look outstanding and unique. If you are looking for budgeted homes, a two storey, well-planned and executed homes are the best. Don’t forget to add greenery in your home. A pinch of greenery makes a lot of difference. It makes you home look eco-friendly. The traditionally wooden windows, Arabic designed gates and beautiful balconies make this house look like it belongs in the list of the 50 most beautiful houses in India

Stunning wooden effect

Residential project Indigo Arkitects Modern houses
Indigo Arkitects

Residential project

Indigo Arkitects

Holiday houses aren’t all that expensive after all, this particular one is designed by Indigo Arkitects, based in Thrissur. A duplex holiday house with a polished wooden exterior look blends style with substance in more ways than one, without affecting your budget adversely. This is one of the best 25 lakhs budget house plans Kerala architects have designs, so go ahead and make the home of your dreams become a reality even on a small budget.

Stately house of columns and pillars

In recent years there has been a lot of change in the exterior and interior decoration style of the houses wherein natural stone pieces, glass and other substances are used to save external facade from natural elements. Decoration materials such as partitions, curtains, furniture, etc. used inside the house are also selected with great caution and attention. Terracotta tiles have been used extensively in this type of fusion style to give it a natural touch.

Check out some more houses built to make Indian summer a comfortable one.

Elegant structure

Krishna Villa homify Modern houses

Krishna Villa


When it comes to villas, bigger is not necessarily better. Smaller villas can be as cute as their larger counterparts. To that end, use exterior wall tiles to the complete the garnished look of your beloved home. A small gate with a parking space inside and a cosy balcony outside to make your evenings memorable makes this small villa just about perfect. Checkout some ideas to decorate your balcony here.

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