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How Intelligent Office Design Creates a Perfect Co-working Space in Noida

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
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Co-working spaces are trending because of their collaborative culture, networking opportunities, and economy. However, they need to offer offices that are more than just physical spaces to work. Most businesses and smaller organisations look for state-of-the-art facilities and a comfortable work environment that are economical and viable in the long term. Therefore, a co-working space must offer world-class office interiors and amenities to cater to its customers’ needs.

Let’s Work, the co-working space in Noida featured here, presents the perfect example of how it can be achieved through clever design and flexible layouts that can be altered to suit different team sizes and requirements. FYD Interiors Pvt. Ltd, the team of interior designers are experts at designing offices among other commercial spaces. They have designed one of these coworking spaces to cater to every need.

Exterior Facade

A world-class co-working space must draw attention from the outside, and the designers have given the building a distinct, modern identity using glass facades and ACP sheet structures. A prominent LED signage completes the look.

An elegant reception

The reception is vital in any office as it makes the first impression. The co-working space's modern look, design elements, and welcoming ambience come together to present a professional and inviting reception. The green wall coated with lacquered glass is distinctly modern, whereas the wooden battens ceiling, laminate floor, and comfortable sofa add warmth to the space.

Flexible modular design

The workstations comprise a series of modules. Each module can be shifted and reassembled in different ways to encourage collaboration or provide privacy without affecting the office infrastructure.

Designed for performance

The linear modular workstations are highly personalised to boost productivity and performance. Each workstation is equipped with modern equipment that one expects from contemporary offices.

Optimising natural light

Natural light is essential in offices as it promotes good health and relieves the stress of looking at a screen for extended hours. Glass facades make the most of the available natural light, while rolling blinds help filter the sunlight to reduce the glare.

Intelligent design

LED hanging lights supplement the natural light in the space, while portable office partitions between workstations offer the ultimate in flexibility, allowing co-workers to shift seamlessly from collaboration to privacy.

Professionally designed meeting spaces

A designated meeting space or conference room provides the perfect place for interactions in a closed environment when the need arises. The meeting room has modern amenities, including plug-and-play connections for formal presentations and a large writing board for informal brainstorming sessions. 

Classy cabin for the Managing Director

The co-working space includes a luxurious and spacious MD’s cabin. The cabin’s interior design is minimalist, creating sophistication through the classy furniture and furnishings, including an adjustable hydraulic table and comfortable chairs. The neutral tones and modern lighting enhance the room’s look.

A relaxed vibe for the hangout area

An office area is incomplete without a hangout zone for catching up with co-workers or taking a break. High seating sets apart the area from the rest of the office. The user-friendly hangout area in Let’s Work, Noida sets the perfect mood for casual interaction with its wooden battens ceiling entwined with green creepers and artificial hanging lights.

Informal space for lounging

Swing chairs set in a separate area provide the perfect place to nap. The mood is informal, and the chairs can be moved around to facilitate informal interactions in a casual and cosy environment. 

The Let’s Work co-working space in Noida has everything one would expect from a world-class office. The designers from FYD Interiors Pvt. Ltd have considered every aspect of the modern workplace environment, including equipment, furniture, work systems, and workflow, to incorporate elements to cater to the co-workers’ needs. The trendy office is a project executed to perfection.

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