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Mother nature has a powerful effect on every one of us, whether we are aware of it or not. It is only human nature to long for the outdoors, to spend time in the countryside or by the beach and be brought back down to earth. Such busy schedules and living in large urban environments do not always allow us to get back in touch with nature, spending time away from the city, away from the noise, pollution and daily stresses that come with life. As far away as your next holiday may seem, or next opportunity to spend time amongst lush greens or deep blues, it is quite easy to bring this same feeling into your home. With the addition of more green in your home, more timber, extra indoor or outdoor plants, or some simple nature-themed decorations, you can feel like you are never too far away from the natural environment. Check out these few solutions from our Indian experts to help you stay grounded and connected to mother nature.

Earthy tones

The colour scheme of your home can have real impact on your mood, and even your sleep. Trying to sleep in a brightly coloured room, with lots of busy detail and excessive decorations and furnishings can hinder your need for a deep sleep every night, so why not strip it back a touch, and choose a colour palette similar to that found in the wild? The earthy tones of the sand-like beige walls, timber flooring and pale green linen are sure to swiftly send you into a state of relaxation, helping you get that well earned rest. 

Welcome to the jungle

The obvious option to help bring the natural world into your home is through the use of plants. Outdoor plants as well as those suited for indoors are a great addition  to any of us living in the city who wish to bring nature closer to us. This small but effective garden entrance from Mumbai firm Atuljoshi Innovations gives a warm welcome to this residents of this bungalow as they return home.

Natural light

Prestige Silver Springs, Chennai Morph Design Company Modern style bedroom
Morph Design Company

Prestige Silver Springs, Chennai

Morph Design Company

Sunlight plays an essential part in all forms of life, and we are no exception. Ensuring your home has ample natural lighting will help keep you from feeling unhappy. Sunlight dictates the days of all animals great and small, and waking up with the sun in the best way to start the day. These large windows in a home in Chennai, designed by Morph Design Company allow the sun to bathe all corners of the bedroom with the natural brown tones in keeping with the organic air of the room.

Caveman t.v.

Long before T.V. was invented, our ancestors used to sit around a fire, sharing stories from the day, keeping warm and cooking the food from the days hunt. We love this outdoor fireplace from Design Oltre Orrizzonte, a Bangalore studio who create fusion between Asian and Italian contemporary design. Sitting by the fire is a sure fire way to relax and forget about the stresses of city life.


Master bedroom Ambiance Rooms

Master bedroom


An affordable, easy and effective way to bring the outdoors in is to introduce nature-themed decorations such as linen. The easy task of changing the bedsheets can instantly change the feel of a room and transform it into a tropical oasis. The green bed cover and the ample yellow-coloured lighting reminds us of a humid jungle.


Courtyard Livings



These small floor features made of glass in this open plan home help to blur the lines between the outdoors and inside, resembling something like that of two small rock pools. The designers chose to place them next to the small courtyard with tropical plants and pebbles, immediately wishing the glass was real water!

The real deal!

Of course nothing beats the real deal, so next opportunity you get, take it! You wont be disappointed. 

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