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Before and After: From an OLD Home to a GOLD Home!

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For our before and after series today, we present a very unique project that has had a magical transformation. This house has been renovated by designers S Design Company. They have singled out a few simple elements in this home and changed them to create a stellar and amazing look, that makes the home unrecognizable. Any restoration project demands a vision. Unless you know what you are going to recreate, you cannot execute it to perfection. As you look into this restoration project, you will realize that a few smart changes in the house can actually create a lot of difference to the overall look. Want to have a closer look at this restoration project? Let’s find out more.

An old and dull kitchen space

Like many other modern homes, an entire space has been converted into a kitchen and dining area. If you search for one highlight of this room, it has to be the wooden floor. But the rest of the place hardly inspires any thoughtfulness and totally lacks imagination. Boring colours, chaos and disorder are the order of the day. Instead of using the entire space to create a perfect modular kitchen, the kitchen area has been literally shoved into a corner with a dining table in the middle. The whole space has not been utilised to create a series of cupboards and shelves; hence, the room decor looks extremely nervous and unorganised. One of the persistent problem areas of this house is the use and arrangement of lights; the lights are bright but seem to be concentrated in one or two areas, creating a bad effect. Lets see the change!

WOW!!! New kitchen

Instead of a dark wooden floor, the designers choose a lighter shade so that the room looks airy and less imposing. The combination of blue and yellow cupboards seemed completely out of place in the old kitchen area; the new kitchen shows a much better improvement. White is the predominant colour of this modular kitchen with hints of dark tiles in the middle. This contrast looks nice and the design has playfully mixed and matched the colors to perfection. Instead of keeping the fridge and the microwave near each other, an enclosed storage space has been created to accommodate both. The hanging lamp shade and the concealed lights on the floor provide the much-needed brightness which is not over the top, but certainly useful.

The old shabby bathroom

Even though the bathroom is small, everything is arranged in a haphazard manner. There seems to be an overload of things and there is hardly any storage space to accommodate bath accessories. The idea of having the basin and the toilet seat next to each other creates a circulation chaos in this small space. Although there is a long mirror on the wall, the light over the mirror does not seem to serve any purpose at all. Rather it gives the bathroom a gloomy dingy aura which makes it look shabbier. If you look closely, you will find that both the basin and the commode are oversized and not suitable to fit into a small bathroom. Lets see the magical transformation!

Spanking New bathroom!

The first thing that you notice about this small bathroom is that the size of the basin and the pot have reduced considerably, creating ample circulation space in between. Instead of the boring white tiles, subtle off-white tiles have been added on the floor to create a diversion. A fine glass partition cleverly isolates the shower space. And when you look at the lights, you will notice that concealed lights have been installed into the ceiling so that each and every corner of this bathroom gets enough light.

The old clumsy wardrobe

As you look into this closet space, you will notice a rumble! There is a sense of chaos everywhere; feels as if there isn't any storage space at all. There is a series of closed and open shelves in the room, but there seems to be no order to store and organise accessories as well. Something is really and truly missing. The sense of carelessness which prevails in the room comes from a severe lack of understanding and home decor imagination. Lets see the change right up!

A Well organised and creative closet!

Smart is one word which can describe this space aptly. Instead of creating different shelves and cupboards in the room, one closet has been designed to accommodate everything. No more frantic searches for your socks or your favorite T-shirt. From the rumble to the ravishing closet, the journey is quite interesting. The dark wooden floor has been replaced by a lighter shade which is less imposing and more stylish. Instead of experimenting with colour, white has been used to create a soothing and comforting feeling.

Imagination is the key word for the new home; it evokes a sense of thoughtfulness which is needed to convert a house into a home. Loved this example of Before & after: Here is another home renovation project on bathrooms that you might love! Go ahead and get started with your home as well!

Which room transformation in this home did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!
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