An enchanting seaside villa full of happiness!

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Seaside homes in India are not all wooden shacks with the smell of fish lingering in the air. With the help of imaginative designers like LX Architects it is easy to have a luxurious home that gives a sweeping view of the sea. Located in the picturesque beach resort of Riviera de Sao Lourenco, Brazil the home provides blissful comfort even in hot summer, as cool breeze wafts in from the sea throughout the day. Come with us on a tour of this home designed in typical Mediterranean style with a neutral color palette and large French windows for unrestricted view of the sea’s glory.

A glorious view

We begin the tour by standing on the open balcony,  we feel the sea breeze blowing against the glass and wood railing to engulf us with fresh air. Pretty colorful pots holding orchids keep up company as we enjoy early morning coffee before moving on to explore other parts of this magical home. 

A breathtaking view from the balcony

This gorgeous two storied home in Riviera de Sao Lourenco has a sundeck on the balcony that offers multiple seating options depending on the mood. As part of this balcony is covered, owners can move out of the sun’s vision when it becomes unbearable and still enjoy the sea view while gently swinging from the wide couch style swing. Sunbathe on the wood paved deck or sip your favourite drink on the wooden settee or simply walk around the balcony after dinner, it is yours to enjoy after all.

The best living room one can wish for!

What does every home owner wish for in a living room besides comfortable sofas, beautiful artifacts, large television and latest music system? A fantastic view out of the window and great lighting effect would be next on the wish list. All these aspirations have been fulfilled in this beautifully designed and aesthetically decorated modern living room that follows neutral background color theme which is enhanced by heady mix of colorful furnishings. The best part of this living room is the fantastic view of the open sea that is visible from within the home.

Dining area and bar

As space is aplenty here, the dining room has been divided into two sections among which one is for meals and the other is a trendy bar section with wall space to hold the bottles and wine glasses. A heady mix of earthy elements and modern design are the essentials of this charming room with brick walls and earthen pots for décor. Recessed lights have been cleverly built into the base architecture in such a way that they lend a soft glow without being intrusive.

Dish up fresh seafood

A small kitchen is not a barrier to cooking creativity. This space with modern kitchen gadgets available shows us that clever design can make cooking a pleasure in the smallest of spaces. Open shelves in between floating cabinets on the wall make the space appear more spacious and ease the cooking process.

Guest bedroom

A trendy mix of neutral colors make up the guest bedroom that offers comfort and utility to guests that might want to stay over for the night to enjoy the experience of the home’s comforting ambience.

Master bedroom

Neutral colors and soft textured fabrics make the eclectic master bedroom a place of peace and tranquility. The only splash of color here is the gentle green wall with the backdrop of banana leaves that bring to mind gently swishing leaves in the sea breeze. With decor like this one is sure to wake up refreshed and energized ready to take on new challenges.

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