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Before and After: A Petite Apartment gets a Enthralling Facelift!

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A compact home is a challenge to decorate – as any designer worth his or her salt will tell you. What was earlier a clutter of wood and furniture is now a sleek and playful rendition of a well-etched design. This is the before and after tour, we are taking you on today. In this tiny home designed by yZAra there was plenty of hidden scope as the designers helpfully unraveled. Get on this tour with us to find out more!

Before: Heavily Cluttered Design

The main crime of this home was the heavy duty furniture that cluttered the already tiny quarters and the use of dark wood to make it all look closed and dark. The tall cabinets wedged between the kitchen and the hall as well as the heavy duty wooden beams along the periphery of the ceiling gave it all an outdated, intense look. Also, the design cut off the natural vistas of light that could easily stream in through the bank of glass doors at one end.

After: Smooth Sailing Design

The design scheme now is one that brings in a lighter feel that looks sleek and feels good. The light hardwood floor and the change of perspective for a widthwise instead of a narrow lengthwise feel make this home an open one that is free to entertain any kind of décor style from exotic to modern.

After: A Layered Look

The other end of the hall is replete with layers that make it look even larger thanks to the ethereal shades that have been used with planks of lighting that now sit on the ceiling.

After: The Open Kitchen

Wow! The kitchen steals the show. The kitchen is now an open one tucked into a practical part of the hall and it also has a glass door to seal it off for more privacy. Also, the cabinetry brings in a wholesome look to match the pale flooring.

After: Sleek Design

One side of the kitchen holds an alcove with a linear style trio of leather seats built into it while industrial lamps in random shapes shine down.

After: Giving us the Blues

One bedroom of the home is done up in soothing blue with white lighting and a white border to frame it.

After: In the Pink of Things

The pink bedroom seems ready to accommodate a fairy tale theme for a young girl and her growing imagination!

After: Serious Style in the Bathroom

The bathroom is a seriously stylish one in neutral dark shades and glass for a dramatic effect!

After: A Pretty Corridor

This corridor oozes prettiness with the subtle inlay floor and the glass door with its storybook look.

In Conclusion

This home makes use of imaginative colors and light weight material for a mesmerizing makeover! The designers have filled each corner with stylish elements that create a wonderful canvas for varied décor schemes.

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