10 Simple Kitchen Storage Ideas For Eliminating Clutter

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Keeping kitchens organized is easier said than done, especially in Indian kitchens where innumerable bottles of spices and different types of pots and pans spill over from designated cabinet space and clutter the countertops. Organizing them can challenge any domestic goddess, let alone an ordinary mortal.

With careful planning and creativity, you can incorporate specific space-saving solutions to suit your needs. We’ve shared 10 simple ideas to help you decide which ones work best in your kitchen.

Wall-mounted Open Shelves

Besides adding to the aesthetics of the kitchen by displaying beautiful glassware or colourful crockery, exposed shelving on the walls can be easily fixed whenever the need arises for additional storage.

Hanging Rails

For freeing up precious workspace on the countertops, steel rails can be fitted along the tiled walls for hanging ladles, whisks or even mini shelves for storing spices and condiments. Adding hooks on the rails allows for hanging cups, dish cloths, oven mitts or pot holders.

Pull-out Pantry

In urban areas, where space for a separate pantry is a rarity, a pull-out pantry in the kitchen is ideal for storing away packaged food products such as cereals and beverages. This space saving-design has shelves built into the door for additional storage.

Rolling Shutter Unit

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Drawing Hands Studio

Cooking Space Revamped

Drawing Hands Studio

A great way of keeping appliances out of sight and off the countertop is to stack them on shelves that disappear behind a rolling shutter door. This idea could work just as well for snacks, spices or condiments that need to be accessed frequently.

High-tech Cabinet Storage

Modular kitchen corner unit designs homify KitchenCabinets & shelves

Modular kitchen corner unit designs


Professionally designed fitting accessories, such as this pull-out corner unit provides easy access to the deep recesses of a corner cabinet. It can be used to store pots and pans that aren’t frequently used. At the same time, it swings to bring them within easy reach when the need arises.

Built-in Bottle Rack

Neeras Kitchen homify Kitchen

Neeras Kitchen


A rack that allows wine bottles to be placed horizontally is not only ideal for storing wine but also an efficient way to move other bottles such as olive oil or vinegar off the counters. It can be used to store the excess stock from the bar unit in the living or dining area.

Cylinder Hideaway

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Liju Cherian


Few Indian apartments have the convenience of piped gas. Placing the gas cylinder out of sight gives a neater appearance to the kitchen. A louvered cabinet door or one with holes is ideal for this purpose as it acts as a safety feature in case of a gas leak.

Island Storage

If the layout of the kitchen allows for it, incorporating an island counter in the centre can provide additional storage in the form of open shelves or under-the-counter cabinets. With careful planning, you can also fit a dishwasher underneath or a cooktop on the surface slab.

Woven Basket Drawers

Not all fruits and vegetables need to be refrigerated. The ones stored outside need to be exposed to the air so that they don’t rot. Pull-out basket drawers are a great option as they let the produce breathe and simultaneously provide an organized space for storing them.

Full-sized Crockery Cupboards

When space limits storage in an open-plan kitchen, having a floor standing crockery cabinet in the adjoining dining space can provide easy access to dishes when you need them. The cabinet can be either built-in or free standing, depending on what works best within the layout.

Do you have any other creative ideas for kitchen storage? See this ideabook for some interesting storage solutions for small kitchens.

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