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From CHAOS to BEAUTY – A Family home SHINES like NEW!

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Every person that builds a home for his/her family wishes for it to last for several generations but sometimes due to unforeseen reasons the descendants  are forced to sell off old houses within a couple of generations. As it is not always financially feasible to completely demolish an existing house and build a new one unless one is a wealthy builder, new owners usually make limited structural changes to the house to suit their needs and taste before moving into the renovated house. Here are details of one such single family home renovated by Moohoi Architects of South Korea.

Before—Empty front yard with overgrown shrubs

The home was earlier accessible through an imposing brick and tile entrance-way that was led from a path of red tiles to the front door. Though there was a boundary wall and plenty of greenery in the front, it provided little privacy from the road and the untrimmed bushes on either side of the tiled pathway left no space to walk around the house. The garden equipment was kept haphazardly around the front gate, instead of being stored away in a box or shed.  The tiled roof and brick walls gave a rustic charm to the house but the neglected garden created an atmosphere of neglect.

After—A Sunny deck

The renovated frontage of the house is hardly recognizable in this image of sophistication. The previous walls and roof have been completely revamped to create a modern abode with a treated wood deck all around the front section. All the small shrubs have been trimmed and a raised deck has been built around the large tree. The level of boundary wall has been raised to give privacy to the rooms on this floor, with fancy wooden barrier. To bring in natural light and air, the brick wall has been replaced with glass windows. Instead of walking along a messy tile path, residents and guests can walk up a couple of steps to the deck that leads to front door which also has a very welcoming effect.

Before—Barren balcony

The area on the top level before—It shows years of neglect and disuse, as it was too narrow to serve any purpose. The balcony could have become a picturesque area for enjoying a nice sunset and also conversing with the neighbors. Messy wires and lack of protective barriers make the space seem dangerous even to walk on. Lets have a look at what happened.

After—A stunning terraced deck

Any individual that has seen the before pictures would find it hard to believe that such a drastic transformation can be made by changing just the roof design. By a clever use of treated wood to create the entertainment deck and diversionary wall, the designers have created a masterpiece in the form of a deck and balcony that oozes style and substance. The original tile roof above the main house has been dressed in wooden cladding to synchronize the area with rest of the renovation. Door and window frames have been changed to make them more appealing and suited to the  new surroundings that offer complete privacy with timber slat barriers.

Make way for fresh air and light

As we step upstairs to explore the rest of the house, the balcony makes us stop in awe to gaze around at the beautiful transformation. The designers here have removed all traces of the old house with enclosed walls and barriers by creating open spaces to bring in natural light. The timber railing installed in front has been extended to this section of the top floor in a subtle way to bind all the design elements together.

After—A private lookout gallery

We conclude our tour by taking a bird's eye view of the house from the stunning gallery on the top floor. From here residents can see guests walking up the stairs to the front door and can step down to greet them. The white curtains rolled up can be let down to provide protection from direct sunlight when the midday sun becomes fierce. 

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