Before and after: 10 amazing bathroom renovation projects!

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Can't decide how to renovate your bathroom? Don't worry, it's not really surprising as there are many details to think about such as the type of tiles to use, the style of furniture, and also the decoration. With so many choices around, making decisions can be overwhelming. Thankfully, you've landed in the right place where we may be able to help you by providing you with real life examples of amazing bathroom renovation projects all over Europe. We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your bathroom through this before and after tour. Let's have a look shall we?

Before: neglected and sad

The fact that the bathroom needs repair can be seen right away, giving us the impression that this bathroom has been neglected. Ideally, a full bathroom renovation should be done every 10 years.

After: fresh and white

The overhaul of this bathroom in a modern style involves the complete replacement of the tiles on the floor and on the walls, a new door, a new ceiling with lighting, as well as new furniture and a shower. More fashionable versions are also installed, such as the built-in sinks and shower, toilet, and the discreet pipes that are not visible behind the partitions.Simple solutions prove to be the best way in this case.

Before: plain and boring

Before the renovation, it was a plain and boring bathroom with a design from the 80's and an area of just 3.5 square meters. Let's see how this old bathroom has been transformed into a luxurious experience. 

After: a luxurious experience

The newly renovated bathroom is not only beautiful, but offers a luxurious spa-like experience as well. It's simply amazing how a mere 3.5 square meters can provide space for a shower room, toilet, and sink without looking overcrowded. The beautiful design is completed with a mirror finish, several lamps and stylish ceramics, and sanitary ware. 

Before: a gloomy attic bathroom

Although the attic bathroom is spacious, the general appearance did not inspire confidence because of its gloomy feel and old-fashioned finishes. Next, let's see how this bathroom has been transformed without changing the tiles. 

After: a bright refreshing bathroom

After the remodeling, the bathroom is given new life with a fresh lick of paint in a serene baby blue gracing the slanting wall of the attic bathroom. With the help of some added accessories, a bright refreshing bathroom is created. 

Before and after: tasteful redesign

Pictured here we see another tasteful redesign project. This simple yet revolutionary bathroom renovation project involves the creation of a bathroom window sill along the mounting built-in drainage system. The newly designed bathroom employs more subtle and delicate colours compared to the old bathroom, giving the bathroom a relaxing atmosphere. 

Before: an overcrowded space

Before the renovation, it was a small, long and narrow bathroom. However, we can see the potential it has to transform into a beautiful butterfly! Let's see what happened…

After: a modern solution

Just look at the beautiful butterfly it turned out to be! A modern shower area adds a sense of space to the bathroom with its efficient design, while modern lighting and a lighter colour scheme makes the bathroom feel larger. 

Before: a simple beginning

This bathroom had a simple beginning with a casual vibe. However, it clearly needed some general maintenance and repairs, and maybe even a new look. Let's see what happened…

After: simple elegance

After the renovation, the bathroom is enveloped in a simple elegance that is radiant and shining from the new wall tiles and shower room to the sink and cabinet. Now, a washing machine is hidden in the cabinet, saving space and creating an open feel in the bathroom. 

Before: an unlivable attic space

Before, it was an unlivable attic space that looked like a mess. Let's see how this wasted space has been transformed into a beautiful functional bathroom. 

After: a charming attic bathroom

After the renovation, the wasted attic space is transformed into a charming attic bathroom. The contemporary looking bathroom is minimalist in style and almost magical in its splendor with stylish and trendy outfits enhancing its delicate design. 

Before: an unorganized layout

Before, this small bathroom had an unorganized layout, making it feel overcrowded and even smaller. The red floor tiles looked out of space and the radiator was sticking out like a sore thumb. Next, let's see how this old bathroom has been transformed. 

After: an efficient layout

After, an efficient layout makes the new bathroom more spacious and open. See how a niche in the toilet area was smoothed by the built-in sink, while the tub is located in a beautiful place by the window. 

Before: a vacant space

Since this bathroom project takes place in a new house, in the beginning, we have a vacant space to start with. The experts who designed the bathroom, Badeloft, are bathroom bathroom designers based in Berlin, Germany. Let's see how they've created a bathroom from scratch next. 

After: a bathroom in spa style

Asian harmony, clear and simple lines, warm and cozy atmosphere—this is the concept of the new bathroom in spa style. The freestanding round bathtub enhances the modern feel of the bathroom, while wooden floor boards and a wooden sink area give the bathroom a homely feel. 

Before and after: from standard to trendy

The most noticeable change in this before and after picture is the new brightly coloured neon green sink area. Before, the sink area was very standard and the bathroom lacked personality. After, the bathroom exudes a fresh, young, and vibrant vibe.

We hope you've been inspired by these amazing bathroom renovation projects. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at before and after: 3 stunning swimming pool renovation projects

Which bathroom renovation project do you like best? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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