Before and After: A terrific kitchen makeover!

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Agnès Dandine - Chichichic
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Today we would like to present to you a before and after tour of a terrific kitchen makeover by Agnes Dandine—Chichichic, interior designers and decorators based in France. You will have the privilege of seeing how an old-fashioned French kitchen has been given a face lift. The renovation completely changed the face of the old kitchen and turned it into a contemporary space with a chic style. It's also amazing to see how a small kitchen has been optimised to create a more spacious and pleasant room.

We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through this tour. Please don't forget to leave us some feedback in the end. Let's have a look at this terrific kitchen makeover shall we?   

Work in progress…

This photograph gives us some clues about future changes. Looking at this picture of the work in progress, there is no doubt that the remodeling is radical! In the construction process we see that the floor was removed, and that the old integrated furniture, cabinets and wall tiles suffered the same fate. Old kitchen appliances were also probably removed and replaced by more modern and efficient systems. 

Before: Old-fashioned and dull

Before, the kitchen was old-fashioned and dull. It clearly looked like it urgently needed a radical change. The space had great potential despite not presenting too much footage. However the furniture lacked luster and there was no sign of life, colour, or style to be seen anywhere. The level of comfort in the old kitchen was also largely disappointing, with a very limited space for food preparation.  

After: Contemporary chic

After the renovation, everything is new and different.The countertops have been refreshed with wood surfaces, and old kitchen appliances such as the stove have been replaced by a new induction stove with the latest technology. Decorations and accessories also add a sense of freshness and originality to the new kitchen. Inscriptions such as the one placed in the cabinet pictured here, adds character to the kitchen.  

Functionality and comfort

White cabinets and brown counter-tops contrasted with black polished tiles make a striking first impression. However, what is really impressive is the functionality and comfort that this kitchen provides. Spacious food preparation areas, large cabinets, and modern kitchen appliances are some of the perks of this new kitchen. 

Vintage touch

Although overall the decor is contemporary chic, a vintage touch adds just the right amount of classic to this kitchen. The colourful vintage tray and the floral designed cup add a drop of much needed colour and vibrancy in this sober, delicate kitchen. 

Efficient storage solutions

Pictured here is an example of how this small kitchen space has been transformed into a spacious room with efficient storage solutions. One way space has been optimised is by attaching shelves to the walls so that cups, bowls, and plates are stored at an arm's reach, making things more convenient and work in the kitchen smoother. 


An accessorised kitchen is a beautiful one! This terrific kitchen makeover is a perfect example of that. Pictured here we see an elegant brass fruit bowl filled up with colourful fruits adding life to the newly remodeled kitchen. 

We hope you've been inspired by this before and after tour of a kitchen makeover. For more home tips, inspiration, and interesting ideas, have a look at before and after: small terraces transformed like magic

What do you like most about this kitchen makeover? Please share with us in the comments section below. 

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