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7 easy ideas for dividing rooms without building walls

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Eastern homes have been known to practice an open floor plan for centuries. It is an age old tradition to use gloriously decorated folding screens as temporary room dividers. They are used to screen the private sections of a house from the public one, separate a dressing room from the bedrooms and dining parlour from the lounge area. Sometimes they are used to segregate the prayer room from a public place, too. 

During their heyday, screens like these were decorated with gold leaves, abalone shells, intricate brushwork and calligraphy. In a more modest way, the practice still continues. Today, we will learn about some ingenious ways of diving rooms without building walls.

Decorative panels

Decorative wood panels can be a great way of screening one portion of a room from the other. They hardly take up any space, can be removed easily and, when carved with intricate patterns, can increase the beauty of the interior.

If you want to inject some colour in your room, paint them in a bright tone and add an element of surprise to the room.

Display cabinet

Make smart use of your display cabinet by using it to separate the bedroom from the lounge area, dining area from the living room or anywhere else where you would like to combine fashion with function.

Fill your cabinet with some interesting sculptures, potted plants, framed photographs, sea shells collected from one of your beachside vacations or anything else that you think worth keeping here. Just try not to clutter it with too many objects.

Multifold partitions

This is perhaps the easiest way of dividing spaces without creating permanent walls. Japanese byobu and shoji screens with intricate designs are a collector’s delight.

You can use simple partitions made of moulded plastic, metal and engineered wood, or choose to invest in an intricately design wooden screen. Modern versions of shoji screens are also available from many specialist suppliers—perfect for a contemporary Asian flavour.

Curtains or blinds

Thick curtains or blinds can be used as room dividers as well. This is particularly useful for very small spaces where building walls remains out of question. Using this technique, you can also separate your en suite dressing room from your bedroom.

While buying curtains or blinds for this purpose, do not forget to coordinate them with the colour scheme of your room. Thick curtains also improve the acoustical qualities of any space.

Plants as room dividers

Plants can also act as an effective screen between the two different parts of a room. This can help you to satisfy your wishes for an indoor garden, keep your interior environment refreshed and also build a divider without any concrete wall.

Those currently living in rented apartments and are not allowed to make any internal alterations can use this method to screen a part of the apartment without leaving any permanent marks.

Glass partitions

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Glass partitions with reflective surfaces can also act as barriers and effective replacement for permanent walls. They are capable of giving a more expansive look to any space. Consider using these in the place of some of your internal walls for a sleek modern look.

Sliding bookcase

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This is one of the best solutions you can have as room dividers. Sliding bookcases or cabinets will increase your storage space, protect your books and other valuable items and help you to keep your home uncluttered and organised.

You have just come to know about various ways of dividing a room without necessarily building permanent walls. Now you are ready to give your home a striking makeover!

For more ways to optimise the design of a small home, see some of our intelligent storage solutions for your bedroom!

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