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7 Stunning entrance ideas to make a home shine!

Sheetal Bhandari Sheetal Bhandari
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Hallways/ foyers/ corridors are such crucial aspects of setting the first impressions of any Indian home. Ever thought how visitors feel when they enter a new place? The first step, first sight, first sounds and smells set the tone for things to come. Your guests can immediately and unconsciously feel what's coming next. Why not put in a little more thought into decorating the hallway? Here are some fantastic hallways that shine. Maybe you can get a lot of inspiration for your own hallway somewhere here!

A small corner for the almighty

Deities hold a special place, especially in Indian households. People believe in placing the sculptures and artifacts near the entrance door and hallway, as it is considered as a good omen and highly auspicious. The presence of the almighty at the very entrance of the home, helps spread the good vibes in all the other parts of the house. Try placing the sculpture strategically that every room gets a view of the superpower!

Go over the top

Are you up for some gold? Use this colour with extreme care as you can go down the slippery tacky slope with this one. A classic combination of gold and blue in right measure makes this hallway look so splendid and chic. High on bling yet never too loud; a perfect balance of colour tones makes it to our awesome list.

Replete with books and frames

Show off you nerdy side with pride. When you have a huge collection of books and pictures, it's a good idea to place them beautifully in the hallway. Your guests will know they are dealing with a well read person! Be cautious when arranging your things in a way that doesn't make the hallway look like a cluttered old book shop. Use nice shiny book racks and picture frames that put in some sheen. Focus the spotlights on the frames, this will add to that sophisticated art gallery feeling.

Scandinavian beauty

Super minimal, very basic, very functional and all white; this is Scandinavian style decor at its best. Now add specks of bright vibrant red with a small bunch of fresh flowers in the corner and some tiny picture frames with similar color tones, and it instantly adds something extra to the whole decor. So very understated yet fascinating.

Green friends

Love plants? The hallway is a great place to display them. Creepers, potted plants on the floor, hanging planters by the sides and a nice comfortable seat make this an oasis of green. You can't help but simply feel the calm and serene vibe of the hallway when there is so much greenery around. To make it even more striking, think of the coloUrs that go well with green; think white and blue!

Want to know more about plants and interior decor? Here's an ideabook that helps you select the right flowering plants.

Flamboyant hallway!

Glitzy and glamorous, this hallway displays how the use of clever lighting can totally change the look of an otherwise sober space. The stunning centrally mounted light fixture has metallic tones while the unique wall paper adds much character and transforms the hallway into sheer elegance.

A royal welcome

Designed by The Orange Lane for a house in Pune, the hallway is set in a royal theme, complete with arches, chandelier, latice work on the doors and an idol at the entrance. You cannot help but be in awe of this hallway when you pass it. This could have been just any other hallway, but the regal touch is so unique and unforgettable for any visitor.

Classy to the last detail

Go over the top with a crystal work console table and lampshades in gold. This looks like a hallway fit for a palace. So upmarket, tasteful, loud and yet understated. Always try and use low light when you have so much shine already in the hallway. You don't want your guests to wear their sunglasses to protect their eyes from all the bling bling!

So you can see how much you can do for your hallway/ corridor. It needn't be just a way through to the living room. It can have a character of its own and maybe your guests would forget the other home decor, but the hallway impression will remain for a long time to come.

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