9 IMPORTANT things to reflect on when choosing your bathroom mirror!

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A Mirror is a must-have in any bathroom. It is not one of those items that are nice-to-have, but rather a necessity. But that does not mean that you do not pay attention to the design and styling of your bathroom mirror. Whether you are in the process of a complete bathroom makeover or just doing some touch ups, mirror work can be undertaken to create a rather new look. Just look at the variety of options available. Why go in for a regular one when you can have unique and stylish mirrors at an affordable price? Here we help you choose the right bathroom mirror that is perfect for your needs and that of your family.

1. What’s your (bathroom) size?

When you plan to install the mirror, always check the height at which it needs to be. You don't want a situation where you or your family members have to crouch or stand on a step stool trying to get a good look at themselves. As a safe option, choose a large enough size that fits all. Also choose a size that is proportionate to the vanity cabinet size to avoid a unbalanced look.

2. What’s your style?

What kind of vibe do you need in the bathroom? What is your preferred decor style? Do you like understated, or glitzy, antique or quirky? Ask yourself and choose the mirror that complements your style and eventually the overall bathroom decor theme.

3. Up the colour

Bathroom, The Wilderness, Wiltshire, Concept Interior Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd Classic style bathroom
Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd

Bathroom, The Wilderness, Wiltshire, Concept Interior

Concept Interior Design & Decoration Ltd

An all white bathroom is quite a favorite universally because it's never out of fashion. Place some accessories that have some colour against the bathroom mirror that helps enhance them. Chrome finished fixtures also reflect well and in turn lend a beautiful look against the white background. Therefore placing the mirror against these items can make a huge difference.

4. When working with small mirrors

Are you up for a bunch of small mirror frames instead of one big piece? Pretty quirky this one and interesting to say the least! Place a group of mirrors, preferably in a coordinated theme to create balance and order.

5. Reflections matter

Again, placement of the bathroom mirror is crucial. How are the lights reflected, both natural and from the electric bulbs? Have you placed some potted plants around the bathroom? Then having them on the reflection will enhance the green vibe in the bathroom.

6. Do your homework

There's no more excuse now for not having information. There is so much out there in terms of designers, styles, finishes and quality at different price points. homify has an extensive range of bathroom designers and mirror manufactures who will help you choose the one that's perfect for you. So always do your homework.

7. Keep quality in mind

Cote d'Azure Tile Series Tileflair Modern bathroom

Cote d'Azure Tile Series


Mirror qualities do vary. You might see something in a magazine or online portal which looks brilliant, but the actual product may not be up to the mark. Always check the components, quality certifications and trusted reviews if buying online.

8. An illuminating choice

Love the plain old solid frame-less mirrors? Upgrade to ones with a backlight instead and see the transformation in the bathroom. The backlight not only enhances the beauty of the mirror, it helps you see better. This mirror with white LED light is so simple yet glamorous.

9. Double your vision

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark homify BathroomSinks

Drummonds Case Study: European Retreat, Denmark


When you have the luxury of space, why not have two mirrors or even three? Multiple mirrors are common when there are two sinks, but they can also be used in case of huge sinks. A lot of couples prefer separate mirrors for ease of use. Even kids can have their separate counters when sharing bathrooms.

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Which mirror do you see yourself standing in-front of? Let us know in the comments below.

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