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7 Fantastic sliding doors for a small home

Sheetal Bhandari Sheetal Bhandari
by Lignum Möbelmanufaktur GmbH Asian
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Sliding doors have a lovely charm about them. It's common to see sliding doors on cabinets and shelves, but not many homeowners use them as full-fledged doors for the home. Sliding doors make a lot of sense though, especially for small homes. They require minimum space and now with a multitude of choice of materials, sliding doors can be worthy contenders both for indoors and outdoors as the entrance or exit doors. Here are some fantastic sliding doors ideal for a small home. Take a look.

The bathroom door!

A casual style door for the bathroom in faux wood and translucent glass designed by Architects Rachele Biancalini Studio saves spaces in both the bathroom and the bedroom.  Such doors are perfect for one room apartments and studios that need no frills attached.

Vibrant cupboards

Sliding cupboard doors are excellent when you have a wide storage area. They make sense in a children's room too as they are easy to open and shut. Bright veneers or even colored glass are some great options to choose from. Always choose the best quality fixtures as the success of sliding doors depends predominantly on them.

Look at these 10 extraordinary cabinet designs with sliding doors. Worth a peek.

A humble entrance

When you like understated elegance and want to continue with the theme of a small space, a basic glass sliding door for the entrance is a great choice. Made with metal frames mounted on unbreakable glass makes it a safe bet as the main door.

Dojo style

You have surely seen these kind of wooden framed sliding doors in kung fu movies. These are Dojos and very versatile and functional door options to create neat space demarcations in your home. They can even be used as the front door of your house. It is bound to attract curious eyes.

All wood

You might love the wooden creaky sound from a wooden door, but a sliding wooden door is pretty hard to find. Install these unique doors for your home; organic and perfect to complete your tropical theme. All that wood can be pretty heavy so make sure the hinges and fixtures are just right so that opening and closing the sliding doors takes minimal effort.

Metal frame

modern  by Ligneous Designs, Modern
Ligneous Designs

Steel resin sliding doors

Ligneous Designs

To complete the industrail style design of your home decor, a metal sliding door is a perfect addition. Strong, sturdy and a no nonsense look makes it a worthy contender for the front door as well.

Almost not there

Opaque glass sliding door for access to the kitchen area Modern kitchen by MBArchitects Modern Glass

Opaque glass sliding door for access to the kitchen area


When you need flexibility in your design plan, the sliding door can come to your rescue in creating separate zones. For example, you love the idea of an open kitchen, but some situations may call for a little more privacy. A light sliding door creates a demarcation between the living room and the kitchen whenever needed. When not in use, you may not even realise there's a door there.

So next time you are getting new doors or still the design stage of your apartment, think of these fantastic sliding door choices.

Modern houses by Casas inHAUS Modern

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